Thursday, January 8, 2009

Remembering Summer and my best bud...

This is a repost...sort of. Let me introduce Joshy. He's my best bud in the three dimensional world.
As cliche as it sounds he's like a brother to me, no, he IS a brother to me.
Someone said to me friends are the family we get to choose.
(smiles @ Sandie) I think I've quoted you on this more than a few times.
This won't be the last.

I was missing summer, mostly I was missing our adventures today so I thought I'd post this.
It was the prelude to a few posts on here and another blog place I have.

He's coming over tonight to hang out....we're fighting the urge to hibernate this winter.

477 (2)

Joshy my little grasshopper, is now a reformed planner. Nods........I taught him well.

We came up here a week ago to take down my loon photos, was featured artist for a month at a cool azz cafe up the north shore. Got back home and both of us were just jone'zin to b back up there.

Guess what.

We're here. He messages me on Yahoo the night before last or something like that (what day of the week is it? wait I don't want to know. So, I wake up at six am to a message that says.........I booked it. Let's go. That's my bud!


It's effin outstanding. 20397845854932 pics later, and two more days to go......


here we are in front of the cafe. joshy 'pologizes for his grimmace.
NO i was not choking him. Looks like it tho doesn't it?

Anyway.............maybe I'll actually do a travel blog like the old days. hahah Nah.......okay maybe.
Okay maybe I'll cheat and do a multiply album. Not the same are they? ha I know.

okay. we gotz to scoot!

b seein u soon.


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