Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pot Stickers For Libby

This is for you honey girl,

The master recipe.
the final edit.

These were outstanding.
Joshy and I made them tonight.

Pot Stickers


Shrimp 1 lb
1 bag bay scallops
1/2 lb Pork
1/2 Ground Chuck
Green Onions
Soy Sauce
Oyster sauce
Toasted Sesame Oil
Pot Sticker wrappers


It's pretty simple....

Finely slice your green onions. Set aside.

Do the same with the Cabbage. (um I ended up not even using it. ha.

One of the few times you'll ever see me pull out my little mini cuisinart food processor.

I took the scallops and shrimp, added some sesame oil (1/4 tsp?
just enough to wet it a little, salt, pepper, splash of soy sauce, toss in some green onions,
sugar, salt, oyster sauce (1 tbs), puree until reasonably smooth.

I did much the same with the ground chuck,
and the pork,

I use and egg wash (egg and water). I lightly brush the pot sticker with the egg wash,

place a small dollop of the mixture in the middle.

Fold over.

I start to press the potsticker closed in the middle and work my way out the sides.
Crimp (pinch) your edges so they are lightly scalloped.

Tah dah.

that easy.

Pull out your wok.
Fill the bottom with water,
to the point that it comes up to the edge of the bottom of your steamer.
I use a bamboo steamer.
Steam four or five minutes and they are done.
You know tonight, I used my rice maker.
It has a steam tray.
Was much easier than the wok and bamboo steaming.
The only difference I saw is that you can fit more into the bamboo steamer.

I'll get into dipping sauces next time around,
today we just used soy sauce,mixing tamari (dark soy)
with regular soy sauce, one or two drops of sesame oil,
a sprinkling of sugar, and a splash of mirin.


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