Saturday, January 24, 2009

NYC Day Three, Part Two-LUNCH

(Sept 2007 this blog was previously recorded)
okay I'm moving at light speed here to get this posted before my Dell lady
comes to replace the hinges and plastics on my laptop.

(we're in chinatown)

(if'd i'd have had a polarizing lens ya wouldn't be seeing the reflection in the glass.)

my girl knows how to pick a restaurant.
if anyone has a recipe,
one they know is good for Peking duck,
and the steamed pancakes, especially the pancakes...
(I'll say thank you in advance for sending it my way)

She ate the whole thing. so did I.


like i said, I like repeat patterns.





Little Italy.

she loves purses like she loves shoes.



rush hour. we were headed to B&H a photographers dream shop.

an old escalator in macy's.

she loves shoes.

um your Russian sister.
(train was a movin so it's not the crsipest shot)

worst restaurant I have ever eaten in. Simona has already written about it.
Risotto should be creamy, and sure it should have a little bite to it
but this was undercooked, clumpy almost crunchy.
I did send it back.
As for Simona's portabellas well they looked like the blob to me.

i like this shot. the train was moving so fast you almost can't see it.

Good lord I think that's the end of the day.........whew.
What a day it was.


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