Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the River's Edge, Spring 2007

An old review revisited, before we go see all the changes~~~!

I want to introduce you all to my brother Joshy and a restaurant we happen to love.

We both have a love for good food and fine wine.
We finally have what you would call an upscale restaurant in this town...
it's small, it's a bistro like wine bar
and we've fallen in love with it.
Morrie had tuesdays.
Josh & I

have every other Wednesday
at the Rivers..

...I wait all week for this....!!!

Two weeks ago we discovered how exceptional this little bistro is...
they have a limited menu but it's a good one...the duck was incredible!
They offer weekly specials.
We saw the Osso Bucco and knew we'd be back.

Each week they also feature two wines... a white and a red.
We typically go with the red.

We have yet to be disappointed with their recommendations.

The Rippasa would be our choice of wine tonite.

They really do have a nice selection of wines.
I didn't learn about wine until I worked at a 4star Italian restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky.
At the time we had a 160 diff wines on the list.

I learned a thing or two about wine
and good Italian cooking.
I was a server....but I never sold anything I didn't go back and have the chef show me how to cook.
This is a wine that literally explodes in your mouth...
the layers of flavor are incredible and
dance playfully on your palette, the color is beautiful and so rich.

They offer fresh bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
If I'm doing this at home I omit the balsamic and instead add grated parm to the oil,
(i grate using a microplane) and a little pepper.
Both are good.

Small plates:

Quail wrapped in prosciutto on a bed of couscous,
with a sweet cranberry sauce that has quite a bit of kick to it
....we found the hot peppers!
lil hot there josh?

The other appetizer we ordered was an assortment of cheeses:
Mascarpone on a date (my fav),
Goat cheese on apricot
(okay i hate goat cheese, with the apricot it was bearable,
goat cheese to me tastes like two week old dirty socks and armpits...
and it stays with you long after you've eaten)
Bleu Cheese on a fig....

Okay I couldn't help but wander back into the kitchen...

the owners of this lovely restaurant
were more than happy to accommodate my curiosity
...I had wanted to photograph the
chef plating up some food......
she's a sly one,
when I came back to the kitchen our food
was already up, go figure.

I love dirty dishes.

Osso Bucco is a braised veal shank in a tomato sauce...
it literally fell off the bone, as it should!
hungry yet?

here...have a bite.
The polenta was out of this world!

okay we tried...
(yeh yeh yeh....we did 'to go' boxes, who are we trying to kid, couldn't finish it!)

Looking back...
one last time before we get into the car.

......this place is a keeper.

I hear The Rivers has remodeled, with new menu and chef.
I think it's time Joshy and I make a return visit!

Restaurant Info:
Rivers Italian
(218) 327-3471
208 Ne 3rd St, Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Have a great rest of the week~


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