Sunday, January 4, 2009

Remembering the End of Summer Part II (September)

Yes I said it. The blog.
I'm going to try to do an actual blog old school not a multiply album.
(wah but the albums are so much easier, just not the same as a real blog are they? I know.)
I'll start with this even though I'll probably
end up dumping a bunch of pictures into one an album.
(way too many pictures to post here)

These days I'm working two full time jobs.
Yep. No boo hoo's you do what you have to do, and quite frankly I'm glad I have work.
Nuff said.

Brother Joshy is working full time now and almost done with school.
So these days are work hard to play hard.
That's just what we did.
Needed a travel fix.
Thnx to Joshy's poker winnings ........HA!

With gas prices the way they are, the economy the way it is,
not a bad thing to explore your home state. At least that's how we feel.

And as I said last post, Joshy's come a long way with his spontaneity,
so it was a pack a bag and go once we found out the BlueFin had rooms available.
We boogied up there after work. Was a nice drive. About four hours.
Rained most of the way, Martin Sexton coming thru the speakers...sokay it was dark.
I don't normally drive in the dark, and this presented its own challenges,
but I managed to do just fine.

Coolest thing ever, we were about 20 minutes from Bluefin,
on the side of the road were two deer.
A beautiful, majestic 12 point buck with antlers that were just magnificent,
and his doe standing beside him. No pictures. It was dark remember? : )

The BlueFin Inn is this fantastic place on Lake Superior.
Been there done the camping thing for years now.
Camping is fun, but camping is work.

This is where we stayed.

Lakeside view of course. (I'll show you that in a minute)

Don't sneer at the next picture.

Yes we jammied up, yes we opened laptops,
yes we closed them and had a few bevvies and enjoyed the night air,
don't think for one minute we stayed on those all night.
While it was too warm to light a fire in the fireplace,
our neighbors had one going.............nice.
The smell of a nice fire, no work.
Spent most of the night dodging raindrops on the balcony,
listening to the waves, the thunder, and more Sexton.

Morning you ask? HA! Yeh, I got the Josh. You ready Cherie?
I know ya been waiting. Missed him you have indeed!

Yes girl its true. He does sleep.

Here are the left to right views (or something like that) from the balcony
and then from the beach...

Eventually Joshy meanders out to the balcony ...... I think he knows what's coming...

Yesssssssssssss...........................morning picture session. ha.

I know. I way too morning happy for most people. I don't care.

Remember when Joshy had short hair? Not anymore. I get credit for this. smirk.

was using the self timer feature. what can i say. I didn't quite make it.

Gol Bless the josh, he's such a good sport. he really is.

oh hey more balcony pictures....

um i know its a lot of us, just wait until i post the endless seagull pictures in the album.
won't seem like so many of joshy and I. besides this was our vacation, I don't want to see pictures of people i don't know. do you?

wakin up to this view?

.......I know.

thaz why I do the dance of joy on the balcony...

lookin a little special needs in this one. ha.

then joshy takes the best morning pictures I think i've ever had taken.

you can't beat that soft morning light. and hell yes I used the skin smoother option in Corel.

thing is, even without it in soft does old skin a favor or two, this is without any retouching.

there's your photo lesson for the day.

Eventually we do get around to lunch at our fav place the Coho Cafe where my loon images were showcased last month.
It is also owned by the hotel.

These are pieces from this month's artist.

Suzanne you might dig these.

Cherie I know you can't get enough of Joshy so here you go...

I have yet to learn how to remove glass glare.

Can't leave without feeding Simona....

we had Reuben sandwiches, we missed the dark rye, otherwise they were great.


We're heading back up there in October, hopefully we'll hit the leaves changing just right.

Seems like fall is coming early......fingers are crossed.

32905786903 pictures to go......
.I'd best get them done before the next trip
which means I'll probably do a quick album on multi.

Thanks for a GREAT trip Joshy.


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