Saturday, January 24, 2009

Manhattan taken by storm sushi or by drink.....

Okay Okay Okay.....after all this sight seeing....the girl needed a wild night runnin.
And she got it. Like street children we ate we drank running from here to there,
hitting whatever bar would have us, hanging with spidey and street rappers selling cd's....
it was a night to remember. How P.Diddy formerly known as Puff, Puff Diddy,
Puff Daddy who the *f* cares ended up in so many pictures I dun know,
am thinking we were walking in circles.
I gotta say i was diggin his pose. powerful n wot not.

I think I'll write most of this out first.
Not to worry there's 497675879473426 pictures coming.

Lil the nicest man you'll ever meet, he might be wack but he's nice.
He's this big teddy bear and ya can't help but want to hug him up. We did. A lot.
Since Simona had to work part of the day I pick him up at the ferry down in Hell's Kitchen.
Yessir, this girl took the subway all by her lil self down.

(yeh I know no big feat, I know I know, but for half a second I felt like a real New Yorker., and it was cool)

Greg and I decide not to take a bus back up town, it's only 12 blocks from where we were.
We hit a few pubs on the way to the restaurant while we kill time waiting for Miss S.
What you are going to see is a mish mash of images. Bless this boy who never once took
offense to my grabbing shots mid sentence, anyone else might have felt ignored.
I can't help it, and even if I could,
I wouldn't. It's my addiction. You're talking to me and I do hear you but my eyes
(while I try to maintain eye contact with you) are all over the place.
You're probably thinking if I really want this girls attention,
I'll make her leave the camera at home. WRONG. You'd be miserable because
I'd be nothing but distracted lamenting the shots I'm not getting, wishing
I'd had my camera with me. And probably resenting you a little bit or a lot,
for insisting I leave it at home, mad at myself big time for agreeing to it.

Just learn to see it as part of my charm.

First pub
is this little irish place, and the bartender....

HE WAS IRISH, accent and all.

Jameson is Lil Greggy's drink of choice_MG_0195, that and a good beer. A good beer being not my choice. I like pisswater. Mich Ultra Light. so shoot me. Poor boy is trying to talk to me and I am all over the take a look....frenetic is my brain and as the night goes on I only get's funny because after shooting a memory wirth over 300 shots full's never enough and I always feel let down.....I want more. 349 feels like only 80.

And Look Jess and Suzanne......HE ACTUALLY FREAKIN SMILES! I have proof!
Wait let me get us to the next bar,
_MG_0264 a cool little place called Druids, walked in n they're playin Frank. Nice. real nice.

Oh and back to BI's smilin Jack F* he is

I'm gonna get busy here dropping in photos...

I start seeing light, repeat patterns my head is goin bout a 100mph.

believe it or not I like blurry.


par for the course, I start hijacking peoples food. when I say hijacking I'd say, hey you don't mind if I quick like photograph your food. They say sure and before they have a chance to say anything more, I've grabbed their plates and found a table with window light and CLICK. Food returned unharmed.

this old man. I liked him he ignored me the whole time. i love that. he just let me do my thing.

We at some point decide to head to the restaurant. (we got mad inside tips on where to go for the best sushi.....her son was so right) Listen, here's the dealio.....if I had the funds,
I'd fly to NYC just to eat there and turn around n leave the next day.

no not this one.

it's this one.

I'm just going to show you. Get in my head. Let's go.......






ha there's no way to adjust for lights that change colors photographically speaking.
okay maybe there is, but this is how we saw it and I don't want to alter them.

are ya gettin this? are ya seein the color and the light and all of it?
more intoxicating to me than the wine.











these are simona's and greg', they took a few shots...

we ate and drank like royalty. the service was impeccable. the food was outstanding.

the bill......well who cares right?

(simona's shot)

yep. another bar.

pappa bear.

we know what ya lookin at lil greggy





our new rapper bff.

lil greggy tryin to keep up.

a girl's gotta pee. i AM the fastest pee in the west.

tired baby girl

this would be the ARE YOU COMING I'M TIRED LET'S GO! look.

and i say wait one more shot, Spiderman is asking for directions.


La Table De Nana said...

Every day I find new photos to love.

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