Sunday, January 4, 2009

All the girl wanted was a little southern fried chicken...

...and southern fried chicken I did get.

A friend flipped me a recipe in case I needed a back up plan, he's good like that in a culinary pinch.
Let me qualify this by saying, that I, in 25 years of cooking, have made fried chicken all of five times.
And all five were a flop.

I am telling you this is the best fried chicken I have ever made and that's not comparatively speaking.
I followed the instructions to the T. My only advice would be to up the ante on the seasonings.

Southern Fried Chicken

When cooking true, Southern fried chicken, the secret is to cook it SLOW -
Let me repeat, SLOW. If a recipe doesn't say slow, it's not authentic.
That's how we do things culinary-wise down here and it's worked for countless generations.

1/2 gallon of peanut oil (Nothing other than peanut oil)
2-3 pounds chicken breasts (bone in) and chicken legs
(Completely thawed!-this is VERY important)
Salt, pepper and paprika to taste (the more, the better)
4 eggs, beaten


~Heat peanut oil in a deep fryer to 350°F.
~Thoroughly wash chicken and pat dry with paper towel.
~In a large mixing bowl, mix together flour, salt, pepper and paprika.
~Roll and thoroughly coat each piece of chicken in flour and seasoning mix.
~Dip each piece in beaten egg mixture.
~Re-roll in flour and seasoning mixture once more.
~Place in deep fryer for 30-40 minutes TURNING CHICKEN PIECES ONLY ONCE-Again, VERY IMPORTANT.
~After 30-40 minutes you'll have a wonderful, brown and crispy skin (scald as we say down here) and the inside of the chicken will be moist and tender.

Serves: 6, unless Y'all are really famished!

Recipe from
Contributor: Heather Howell-Adams


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