Saturday, January 3, 2009

Remembering the End of Summer at the Bluefin Bay on Lake Superior

Kate and Brother Joshy up on the North Shore (September 2008)

(Nothing like getting snowed in with cookbooks and pictures)

How we packed so much into a weekend that was all about doing nothing I don't know. But I've got 29307485685493 pictures that say we did something in our state of nothingness. That being said this is part one of what....a five part series? Maybe.


Before I dive into this weekend, I want to say thank you to Joshy and his poker winnings for making this possible.......ha........I also want to thank you baby brother for the kind and insightful words you wrote regarding a photo shoot you witnessed.


Let me tell you all the story...Joshy and I always try to get a couple of shots of ourselves relying on the camera self timer and a steady rock for the camera to sit on down by the lake. And we did but half the fun is racing to beat the fact that's all the fun.


The rock ledge I found for the camera to rest on was a little too far or I'm just older and slower,six or seven failed attempts, and I'm falling into Joshy laughing as I miss the click once again.


We look up at the condos and there are people watching us from their windows......even funnier to us as we and they wave. Then come Becky and Joel, a couple newly dating, down to the rocks to save the day.....well almost. They offered to take pictures of us, bless.....they were blurry.


We did fine on our own.




I turned the tables around and started shooting them, its what I do yanno?........they were wonderful...he danced her on the rocky ledge.......and it took a bit but I got them to slow down and into each wasn't hard......


..they were a new couple and it was all i could do to get Joel to look up at the camera. He couldn't take his eyes off her.


I love photographing people in love.


is a good thing.

Let's see...........might be a good time to show you our digs for the weekend.


It was cold, rainy and perfect. I even brought books to read. Never touched a one. _MG_0391
Ended up taking and editing pictures, playing on the rocks....._MG_0394enjoying a good fire,_MG_0402
listening to yes yes yes more martin sexton and amos lee and just enjoying not having to do a damn thing.


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