Friday, January 9, 2009

My brother Joshy and a lil bit o'nature

I'm slowly moving a few blogs over here.......
Its nice to revisit them.
This is one of my favorites from 2007.

(this is a pre recorded blog)

A day in pictures.

Joshy had no where to be in particular.
Hannah has a huge crush on the boy.


I said why doncha stay another day.

I've got to take ryan up north, you can ride with us.

We'll take some pictures along the way.

And we did.

Here's what we saw, what we did.

It always amazes me when I come home

and pour thru the photographs,

how very much we see in a short period of time.

The thing is, we see so much every day

but we don't stop long enough to truly absorb it.

It becomes some fleeting hey look at that and then it's gone.

I'm grateful. for pictures. Because of them, at the end of the day,

I have more than just a passing moment.

My days are no longer a blur of images

that inevitably fade over time,

as new events jump to the forefront .

That for me, is what this blog is about,

as well as a forum upon which

I can share with my friends life.

Our first sighting was of eagles. They were feasting on a deer limb that was in the middle of the road.
I immediately stop half a mile before , to quick change the lens to my long one.
Ryan is in back seat saying Mom get out of the middle of the road.
My reply is well.....let me know when you have your license or something like that.
I know I know....

Listen my eye was on on the rear view mirror.
Slowly we pull up, they've already flown up into a tree to watch us.
This next series is what we saw on the way and on the way back after dropping off the boy.
Was only a mile or two from the lake, so we didn't miss much.





I love horses. I mean I LOVE HORSES.

Miss Hannah likes them too but she won't go near them.

This horse ran to the fence as I approached it.
Like he knew me.
I wish.

I wish I would have brought my camera into the grocery store.

Hannah and Joshy holding hands while she pushes the cart.

She is completely enamored with him. click.

I did bring the camera to the park.

Joshy and Hannah swing, and I do join them but not before I take a walkabout.....


shhhh... don't let them see us.

"true love is the soul's recognition of it's counterpoint in another"

(wedding crashers)

when was the last time any of you went swinging...just askin.

okay. usin the self timer is not so hard.


kathleen had her long lens and only ten seconds to run from point a to point b and try to look as if she'd been on the swing the whole time.

kathleen should have had her short lens she wouldn't have had so far to run in 10 secs...

you'll see why.

here's the why.

we liked the shot so much we did it in diff flavors.

Best shot of the day I say.

Hannah may look a little freaked here by my missing the seat. Let me assure you fifteen seconds after that she understood what happened and laughed at me for the next five minutes. Hell we all had a good laugh out of that one.

By now she wants Joshy to herself.
Can't blame her for that.

Her words? "Buh bye Pankeen"
(that's how she pronounced Kathleen)
and blows me a kiss.


always gotta do the portraits when we get together.



oh hey the grocery store? I'm making fried chicken.


Joshy likes a curry gravy.
(sorry for the crappy food shots, it was late.)
(sometimes some shots are just grab and go yanno?)


bedtime for our girl.

movie for us.


movie in laptops in our laps. we're out.

y'all have a good one.

(joshy thnx for coming over,

it was GREAT.

always is when Uncle Buck stops by for a visit.)

hope ya mom feels better n I know for sure Hannah wishes you were still here. :


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