Saturday, January 24, 2009

New York, Day Two, Lunch with Farrah

I wanted just once to take you all thru an entire day of our wanderings.
The things I photograph walking down the street, what grabs my attention,
what I do with the images when I sit down and play with them.......ha no not every thing does,
grab my attention that is. C'mon now, I'm not that bad.
Contrary to popular belief I am selective in what I photograph.
Not everything is a picture to me, or one I want to take.

Let the day begin.........

We're going call this waking up on the RIGHT side of the bed.......grin!





it went from this
to what is below.

kinda cool huh?

They do ride horses in NYC. I love horses.
I mean I freakin LOVE horses...
here's what I did with these images....

We were waiting for the call. Her call. Let me say I was a little distracted when she did.

We meet our girl at Russo's. A place with a bartender that makes the best espresso martini's.

I mean the BEST!


It's probably a good thing, in hindsight,
saying no to a second martini, before walking Broadway.
We opted for a daylight tour of the MOMA,
Modern Museum of art.
Turns out it was closed and while you might that would have lured us back
to the bar with the good martini's we got sucked into the MOMA gift store.
Yes let's stay sober but dent our wallets. Uh uh.

Thinking about le denting of le wallet,
I have my personal assistant take notes on the things
I did not buy but would off their website when I got home. (as if)


.yeh well........let's keep walkin, cos that's what we did.



yes I stop and photograph people's food. people i don't know.

He spoke to me. I missed the shot when they were nose to nose. THIS is his father, he says.
He thought I was making fun of him I assured him I was not and even offered....
"Hey you know, your wood is just like your father's." (stole that line from Missy, Hannah's mom)
fock she cracks me up. And the girls. well I think they were waiting for me to get my ass kicked. ha.





Simona bella teaches me about shooting buildings.
How to see things in layers, old with the new.

Bless the girl who waits patiently for us to get our click on.
Smart girl keeps walking and we run to catch up. ha.

there does come the time to say goodbye to miss farrah.....
not before indulging in another martini, yanno one for the road n wot not.
A grand time was had by all.


Doesn't mean we quit walking the city. Other than coming in or out of the city we walk,
and we walk and we walk. This trip across town did require a hop on the subway.....


I know it's fake. I still get creeped out.
Listen, I don't watch the old Godzilla movies for the same reason.
Gives me nightmares every time. and guess what. I had em that night.

remembering miss farrah does not think kangaroos are cute, i'll keep this one small.

Miss Simona much to my delight loves all things soft and cuddly.
Toys r Us was a treasure trove for babygrl.

c'mon c'mon.......keep up....ya feet can't be hurtin yet.




One of the coolest things was meeting Simona's friend from Romania.
They both were journalists over there. I got to sit and listen to stories from another life.....we sat and visited, had some great calimari, and of course i hijack customers food for my photographs.


we finish off with a little show in the square which was actually round. Music.
Sword swallowing. yanno, stuff like that. Simona was gracious enough to let me video the music with her camera but for some reason my pc isn't letting me play it so i can upload it to YouTube. You know I have so many stories, but after going thru over 300 pictures at the very least for this posting, editing n all that .........
the pictures are just going to have to say what I haven't in text.

was a great great great day in NYC. All I gotta say bout that.

<oh hey can't let ya go without a panty shot.

whaaaaaaaaaaaaat u thought we'd be wearing em? bah ha ha ha.

(Sept 2007 this blog has been prerecorded)

yes I have at least two more blog posts coming.
: )


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