Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dead Fish Art for Suzanne

You wonder what Suzanne and I talk about on the phone?
I hate the phone, but I don't hate laughing to the point of tears when I talk to Suzanne.
That's how it's been since day one. Oops I'm getting mushy. I'll stop that.

Anywaaaaayyyyyyy, in an effort to keep her inspired,
let me post yet another make her gag with my insightful quotes and equally fabulous photo.
(secretly she thinks i'm insightful. it's how we met. secretly she likes this stuff.)


2741731701_4e57d67c5c_o (3)

"There isn't any symbolism.
The sea is the sea.
The old man is an old man.
The boy is a boy and the fish is a fish.
The sharks are all s harks no better and no worse.
All the symbolism that people say is shit.
What goes beyond is what you sea beyond when you know."

Ernest Hemmingway

(I like that Ernie said the word shit)


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