Friday, February 26, 2010

Musings...what a cheesy title.

that's funny.
I hit the wrong button and it posted a blank entry.
Today I normally sleep until four to catch up from
working double overnights, it's how I cram 40 hours into three days.
I like overnights btw,
so don't take that as a complaint.

It's twelve thirty when
my father calls me on the cell today.
I keep that phone on in case of emergency,
and put the dnd on the regular phone.
his laptop has gone into a coma.
some other time I will explain why
this is truly an emergency, the laptop
in some ways has been a life line for him.
Who am I kidding, if my laptop died...
yeh, I am laptop dependent.
I'm sure there's a meeting for that somewhere.

multiple phone calls after that to and from
different people, I'm still awake.
I'm not a phone person,
anyone who knows me will tell you that.
Love does funny things to a person...

I'm smiling.
I'm not going back to sleep now.

You know what...
it's good to be back...


then again
I never really left.

One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.

One Question...

It's funny how sometimes a recent conversation
and a photograph I've taken manage to say the same thing.
That happened to me today.
A conversation. A photograph.
The message was clear, and I do believe Becca
this one's for you.

It has everything to do with pushing
all the "stuff" out of the way
and ask yourself one question....

What am I waiting for?


you already know the answer.

: )

One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chicken Salad and Frozen Florida


I work two jobs.
one I work 40,
the other is 70+ hours.
I know.
No I'm not one of those.
I work hard so I can play harder.
Both afford me the luxury of heading out of town
when the mood hits.


Took a mini trip to Florida,
I live in Minnesota. Right, you're
thinking nice, go where it's warm.
Yahno. There is ice in Florida.
It's true. These pictures prove it.


I don't know why they call it chicken salad.
Its a spread. Salad usually means lettuce in a bowl.
Doesn't matter, Suzanne's mom rocks it.
I ate it every day I was there.

Suzanne's Mom's Chicken Salad


How great is this,
she had the recipe written out.
I forgot to photograph the backside,
I think I can talk you through it.


I didn't use the Italian dressing.
just a personal preference for me.

I chopped the celery very fine.
You can lightly toast those pecans.
Salt and pepper to taste.
You guys know the rest right?
Flip into a food processor and voila.
It ain't rocket science.



Suzanne thank you for inviting me, and thank you
to your mom for making me feel like one of the kids.

I have not laughed that hard,
[and we laughed almost every minute of every day I was there ]
that long, in quite a while.

I'm comin back!

One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.

A little of this and a lot of that...


I've never been a duck and hide kinda girl.
But I sure do know better than to sit in the line of fire.
And I definitely am smart enough to run when I see chaos,
especially when its not my own.

I know how to keep my world peaceful.
I know that my peace is more important than ego.

I know that when I keep quiet, keep patience close,
I open the door to something even better.

I know that when someone tells you more than
once they aren't happy, they mean it. If you don't
hear them, you're just plain stupid or you need a hearing device.

I know that the people we say we love need to see it in action.
Love shouldn't be hard work,
that doesn't mean we should be lazy about it.
And if the love itself is hard work, it ain't love.
Real love, the good and healthy kind of love,
it's easy like Sunday morning...

I know that you truly do get what you give.
There's comfort in that.
You made the choices that got you where you are.
If you don't like where you're landing, well...
just remember you bought the plane ticket.

I know that sometimes it is a little too late.
Move on, move forward I say.

I know that we are all here to learn.
But women my age who still have their
head in a bucket, irritate the hell out of me,
I guess because we are given the gift
of being a woman, strong and intuitive, [and it IS a gift]
when I see it wasted and littered with excuses...
I find there is no excuse for you.

I know that I am truly blessed.
I'm not talking about a big house,or expensive things.
I'm talking about the people in my life.
You know who you are. You matter to me.

You are the best gift the universe could give me
for having done a few things right in this world.

I'm happy.
I'm grateful.
I'm loved.
and I got easy like Sunday morning...


One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.

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