Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Vegetarian!

Yes I know, a meatless recipe!
For those who do know me......have jaws dropping to the floor.

Joshy Gets Slawed


Joshy and I went out for chinese and he ordered a spicy little salad.
Freakin tasty as he would say...this is my attempt to duplicate it.
I think we've gotten pretty damn close. And it is good.
Always amazes me that the simplest of recipes often times throw the biggest punch.
I think there's something to that...and not just when it comes to food.

The slaw at the restaurant was thickly chunked.
I opted to julienne my cabbage and I added red bell peppers.



Three parts vinegar to oil.
Red pepper flakes.

The Vinegar
Originally we thought maybe Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar.
I used that the first time, and it's good.
You can use either.
Regular vinegar or Seasoned Rice wine vinegar.

The Oil
After testing, what I liked best was Canola oil splashed with toasted sesame oil.
Toasted sesame oil, obviously has a nutty flavor, it can be over powering.
Go easy.

The Heat
I'm pretty much a wimp when it comes to anything hot.
It's all up to YOU.

The Sugar
I never measure.
Maybe a tablespoon?


it's good stuff.
really good.


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