Saturday, January 24, 2009

New York Day Three

the New York trip before I leave again.

I love revisiting thru photographs. I do. I feel as if I were just there. I want to go back.
What we crammed into a day is what you are about to see. And when I say crammed, listen,
we weren't rushed to the point of not being able to stop and enjoy...we did stop. we did enjoy.
We just kept going and going and going. Now listen, I'm not a whiner. I don't complain. not often anyway.
But by the end of this day, after three days of non stop walking (easily 8 hours a day, and we are FAST walkers) when baby girl finally admitted her little legs hurt...ya girl here finally stopped trying to walk as if it didn't hurt, I crawled. Eventually you reach a point where you no longer feel your limbs, except when you try to move them. Don't expect me to get on a boring ass treadmill after walking NYC.
If I lived there my ass would be BRICK.

Put ya sneakers on see if you can keep up....(I have 1o pages of flickr here, tie ya shoe laces tight)
The day starts at a book store. sweet, I know.
I love book stores. I love old book stores and this is one of the finest.

can you smell it already? i can.
I want to touch the pages of each book and smell every last one.

I have to have this book

We walk by a flower stand. I love star gazers.
I loved this boquet. If we weren't walking all day I would have purchased it.

Simona is teaching me to "see" buildings and photograph them.
She says to me see the layers. I think I'm starting to get it.

She teaches me buildings I teach her about back lighting. Here's the deal, when you have back light such as the sunlight on the buildings and you are trying to shoot the subject in front of it as Simona wanted to do,
you lose detail unless you compensate by using fill flash. I don't use flash anymore...
see the difference between the two pictures?

my favorite subject. miss simona.

We head down to Fulton Market...iz a cool place. I was diggin it.
Oh and if in here you see something that reminds you of you, ur not wrong.
watch, you'll see. you'll know which one is yours.

a girl's gotta eat. Simona introduced me to the best hotdogs EVER.
These are the hot dogs they eat in those food eating contests, as in who can eat the most.

brooklyn bridge. nice yacht.

I can't help it. She's gorgeous. Can't keep my camera off her.

I love repeat patterns.
You know what I think about when I shoot something like this, jigsaw puzzle.
that'd make a great jigsaw puzzle. that's what i think. click.



(what I see while we wait for the Ferry)

she's workin it. juz sayin.

they like it. n you know she knows it. work that shit out girl.




While I was noticing how the birds eye matched the orange paint, just to the right of me this 8 year old boy with wavy brown hair and hazel brown eyes, tells his mother this story of why the birds are taking the ferry to the other side, why they don't fly, why they are saving their was touching to hear.
what an imagination. i wonder what happened to mine.


she told me to take this shot. the credit is hers.


I have a thing for table tops. what can i say.

I like this.

oh say I should tell you we've headed to
Chinatown, and little Italy.
hungry girls and we want duck.
speaking of hungry. I am.
I'm going to eat before I post images of food.
best lunch I have EVER had.


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