Friday, February 27, 2009

Cupkakes ala Kate


What is it about cupcakes? I dunno.
Maybe they're like crayons, they take us back to simpler times.
I have so rarely eaten them in my adulthood.
There was always something special about getting
cupcakes for a birthday, or a special occasion, something
that a big ol cake just didn't do. Maybe it was their size.
Good things in small packages...n wot not.


Now I know there's lotsa folks out there
in the adult world eating cupcakes.
I know because I've drooled over your cupcake pictures.
Admired the fact that you baked them from scratch.
Envied your cupcake artistry when it comes to decorating.

I don't have a cupcake recipe for you.
In fact I only made these for the frosting.
And well, Hannah only ate the frosting.
The cake was good don't get me wrong
even tho they maybe a little unevenly shaped.
I like things a little imperfect.

Yes I used a box mix.
Hey...HEY.....HEY....nothing wrong with Betty Crocker.
The chocolate Devil's Food cake is killer.
[ ha at my unintended pun ]


So for these cupcakes follow the directions on the box.
As for the frosting...

Kate's Cream Cheese Frosting

_MG_7522 (2)


1 package cream cheese
1 stick softened butter
1 cup powdered sugar
[ okay definitely more ]

Whip cream cheese and butter together.
Add powdered sugar a little bit at a time.

I know that was hard.
Take a break you deserve one.

And I do decorate.


With sprinkles. : )


YahYah said...

lol I love the cupcakes, but the best part about this posting (for me) is the "a la Kate" part. It made me giggle. I like simple-funny. Anything slightly complicated and I wind up being the last to laugh (in quite an obvious way! ahaha =: > )

Kathleen said...

i've learned to embrace my slow response time.

and then i giggle at me on top of what was funny that took me a day to figure out. by that time no one's around to hear me. which is a plus I think.

Becca said...

Uneven or not, they eat the same! Also, I add a smidge of grated ginger to my cream cheese frosting. Gives a little something extra.

Kathleen said...

Not a big ginger fan.

Unless its pickled and served with sushi!

They surely do eat the same Becca. They surely do.

Jennifer said...


La Table De Nana said...

Nothing wrong with a box..My Coco Chanels came out of a box:) And I know that icing is finger lickin' good:)

The sprinkles photo IS childhood.LOve it.

Dawn said...

ohhhhh yeah!

Kathleen said...

Jennifer! Thank you! I went to your page, I saw that big're a real baker aren't you!? lol

Monique.....right on. RIGHT ON!!! ha~! @ your coco chanels coming out of a box. that made me chuckle.

Dawn! Good morning! Breakfast cupcakes? lol.

Kevin said...

Those cupcakes look great!

once in a blue moon... said...

oh how i love your pics, but i would love a bite even more... its the chocolate calling me! and the frosting, who am i kidding!

my husband loves cupcakes, i accomadate him often~

The Wabbit said...

I made cream cheese frosting for my sugar cookies the other day... great minds...

But, can I admit that I'm slightly more partial to a wonderful muffin?

Kathleen said...

WABBIT! WABBIT! Great minds indeed.
you know show me the muffin that out does
a cupcake and I'll get the butter.

Blue Moon........
I got lots, my boy didn't like the
frosting. You're a smart wife,
I hope he accommadates you well and often.

that didn't come out right. ha.

Kathleen said...

Kevin! Nice to see you, even better to feed you~

: )

Angry Brit said...

Who doesn't like cupcakes? Seriously. It's like showing someone a kitten. Walk around with a kitten and you will never be short of friends. Same thing with cupcakes.

I like you so much, Kathleen. I will ignore the fact that you don't like ginger. I will look the other way. (And make sure that nothing I make for you in the future contains any...) :)

alice said...

i think everyone must be on a cupcake baking spree. glad our culinary adventures have sort of crossed paths! =)

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