Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Morning Bed Post...


It's nine twenty seven am.
Yes I write out my numbers.
I can fly on the keyboard.
Except when typing numerics.

I'm still in bed.
I doubled out yesterday so I could have
two days off. Go me!

I'm looking at my blog.
It's very blue.
I like this color blue.
There's just so much of it.
Like, it's A LOT of blue..
I really need to get a picture in my header.
Which leads me to this mornings ramble.
I'm not even out of bed and I'm stalling.

Things I want to get done:

Break down the cardboard boxes in the garage
(I've been on a cook book ordering bender this winter)
Cook something today.
Photograph it.
Clean out the frig.
(I think I had a cucumber die)
Work on my website.
Work on a secret project.

Mostly I'm hungry.
Speaking of food,
I have red onions to photographs
for a friends book cover.

I'm still stalling aren't I?

That's a big fat YEP.

Marinated Onions


Black Pepper
Rice Wine Vinegar

Let sit for an hour.


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