Sunday, February 8, 2009

Roasted Red Bell Peppers

I appreciate convenience. I do.
But when it comes to minced garlic or roasted peppers
which require what, a little time a little effort, I'll do just that.
Put in the time and the effort and save convenience for other things

double charbroils. HA!

red pepper 2

It's as simple as taking your fresh bell peppers and putting them in the oven on broil.
You want to watch them closely, as soon as one side starts to char, flip it over.
You do this until all sides are charred.

red pepper 6

The secret to an easy peel of the skin, is a brown paper bag.
When the peppers are done, put them in the bag.

red pepper 7

Close the bag.

red pepper 4

Let them sit and steam for a good fifteen minutes or longer.
I never really time it so honestly, I have no clue.

red pepper 1

The skin comes right off.

Speaking of honest...
I had a commenter from someone who chose to remain anonymous,
comment on my Hemingway/radish blog about the "annoying" center formatting.

Anonymous said...

hey, centering your text is annoying. cool post, annoying format.



Right on. I have no problem with what this person said. It was honest.
Actually the editorial tone, sounded familiar. Someone I used to know,
always liked to edit my work. He usually made a few good points.
And not many people I know use the word "dig".
In fact I stole it. More often than not, I'll say "I dig that",
instead of saying "I like that".

The thing is, I don't disagree. What I need to know is how to CSS/html. I don't.
I need it center tabled, so that my text runs in the center, but lines up left to the left of the center.
So commenter if you know how to do this, school me please, I'd appreciate it.
If anyone else knows how.....I'll thank you muchly for showing this girl how to do it.


La Table De Nana said...

We do this also..They are so good..Every fall
we go to the a bushel..and roast on the BBQ.I love the smell in the fall air~
My italian friends taught me to place them in a bowl with some olive oil,fresh garlic, and fresh basil after I peel them before placing them in freezer storage bags.Good also..
I wish I could help w/ the alignment.It looked perfect to me.Your pepper is beautiful.
So's tehe bag!

Kathleen said...

Would be good on the grill!
Yes I spose I should have covered what to do with them afterwards. lol.

Ah its left aligned at the moment.
I'd like it center tabled so it aligns to the left even tho it's centered.

Good Morning!

Angry Brit said...

I am pretty sure that I am going to get things thrown at me for saying this, but I don't like the taste of roasted peppers. [Ducks as a frying pan goes whizzing past my head.] I do agree, however, that if you use them it is definitely one of those things that you should take the time to do yourself. Like mincing garlic or ginger and caramelizing onions. Love the picture of the peppers in the bag, by the way.

Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer said...

There is nothing better than roasted peppers!!!

Kathleen said...

No need to duck A.B. Feel free to get your quack on tho.

I dig the process, the hands on. I don't own a cuisine art for that reason. I love the smell of garlic on my fingers.


aw man glad you guys dig the bag shot.
Playing with images is half the fun.

Glad you guys came by. fo realz.

Kathy said...

I'm loving the photographs, especially the first one and both of the paper bag ones. I'll definitely do this if I'm running out of time, but there's nothing I enjoy more than skewering a pepper and roasting it over an open flame myself. The skin pops and sizzles and it's extremely satisfying.

finsmom said...

These always take a long time, but are well worth the effort! Your pic is fantastic! Love your site!

Shawn said...

Things to do with the peppers when done:

Use them in leau of tomatoes on a sandwich or salad.

Blend them with chicken stock and heavy cream to make a roasted red bell pepper bisque.

Serve julienned with shredded chicken or pork on farafelle pasta, black olive rings, pine nuts, asparagus spears, olive oil and a lil ole fashioned S&P

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

Oh yes Shawn......... gawd yes.

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