Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rachelle asked...why no cream

or heavy butter in my eggs....when I did a post note on my blog
about the methodology re:cooking scrambled eggs.
I wrote this...

In my world, scrambled eggs should be soft, smooth, moist but not runny,
they should have rounded edges, they should be supple.....even creamy.

(and I scrambled these this morning to make sure I was telling you accurately what I do)

And I wrote this...

The Cooks Word:
Yes i am going to limit the number of eggs per pan.
I use the largest size pan possible, always.
However, given a medium size saute pan I will cook
no more than five at the most.

How much butter you're asking, per five eggs...
Sit down.
Almost half a stick.
Yes. That's what I said.
And if I cook six eggs its definitely half a stick.

The reason I use the largest saute pan possible is because I like
to have the room to move the eggs around without over scrambling.
And my eggs don't like to be crowded.
I know because they told me so.
Not in so many words but well, my mouth knows.

So now will yours.


oh yeh. the answer to the question.
Rachelle, I use so much butter....
real butter
there's no need for cream or milk.
Honestly, I use that much if not more.

Now let me ask all of you...
how do you cook the perfect scrambled eggs?

where would the world be without butter.
I'm glad we don't have to find out.


Angry Brit said...

Butter is good. We like butter. I usually add a couple of tablespoons to my scrambled eggs when they come off the heat. Let's be honest here- is there anything that cannot be improved by the addition of butter and/or bacon?

Kathleen said...

nothing. absolutely nothing.

except for maybe good n plenty's or licorice.

A.B. adds butter to eggs.

I knew I liked you.

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

Wow, I'm flattered to have my name as a title on your blog =) You're so sweet!

Next time I make scrambled eggs (probably this week)I will try them using butter and not milk. I have never added butter to them, I grew up using milk. I will have to break that habit and venture out to "butter" things!

Anonymous said...

The amount of eggs is key, but the real secret is to use lots of cream and cook them in a double boiler. If it takes you 20-30 minutes to scramble 'em, that is best!

Lisa Marie said...

I like to whip them with my immersion blender or stand mixer if I'm doing a large batch. When they are whipped and frothy, I add sour cream and continue to whip until just combined (some lumps of sour cream is ok, if not welcomed) That's it! They are the fluffiest by far.

Marissa said...

I completely agree with the amount of butter you use in your eggs. I've never made eggs any other way. I like to put cheddar cheese in my eggs also.

chef_the_city said...

i say if you're scrambling for the sake of scrambling (i like it w/ cheese), then no milk; however, if you're making an omelet or frittata, i say a dash of cream or whole milk softens the proteins nicely and prevents the final product from being too tough.

once in a blue moon... said...

i am not fussy about eggs, if someone serves me i am happy enough~

i only get fussy about chococlate... i know which battles to pick.

Kathleen said...

I'm at work so I have only a quick 30 seconds.

Waving HI to all of you!

I'm learning everyone has their own way of preparing eggs, and most every one stands by their methodology. Kinda like politics?

Oh man Rachelle........you did the butter.
whadya think???

Hey I'm seeing new faces! Or fonts anyway...c'mon sit down have a beer or coffee or whatev pleases you....glad ur here.

okay back to work!

creativecarryout said...

Your picture literally makes my mouth water. Beautifully cooked and photographed.

Kathleen said...

it really is interesting to me the different ways everyone cooks something as basic as scrambled eggs.

I may spend a day trying each of them...just to see.

CCO, thnx for coming by!

Jennifer said...

I do so agree, butter is just something that no cook should be without. Lovely eggs! I never put cream in mine either.

Kathleen said...

Aw man Jennifer.......another butter girl!

Right on I say~!

Vicki said...

I've always used a little cream or whole milk, but I'm going to try the butter route next time. I think most important to me is to cook them slow, as soon as they start cooking, remove from heat, stirring, put back on heat, stirring, repeat ad nauseum, the whole process usually takes me 20 minutes, but I get the softest creamiest eggs that way.

Kathleen said...

Vicki............you're not the first person here to say slow cook the eggs, and that's got me curious...

even more curious to see what you think, cooking them this way, fast.

and perhaps tomorrow I'll cook mine slow...

: )

Anonymous said...

Tons of butter, salt, pepper, and yes, I use milk too. About 1/4-1/3 the amount of eggs I have beaten up. These are perfect eggs, imho.

Becca said...

Kathleen, I made these according to your recipe. With just butter,eggs, and salt. They were the best scrambled eggs I have ever had! They were soft set and creamy. The consistancy was wonderful. I did cook them a little slower than you did so as to not over cook them. Simplicity at its best.

Kathleen said...

Becca..........how cool! Man I just wanna nod n say yeh.....only a few things I cook are really any good, this is one of the few things.

I do them fast but I also pull them off the heat midway, and finish them off. Either way I suppose works, i just don't over work them in the skillet.....I think that's the trick.

Kathleen said...

okay Anonymous, I gotta ask...


wots it mean? i should google this acronym.

Kathleen said...

I'm so tempted to say



Becca said...

K- imho= in my humble opinion.

Becca said...

I suppose I shall mention the fact that a spatula never gets within a 5 mile radius of my scrambled eggs. Never have and never will. I always use two wooden skewers to gently scramble my eggs until they resemble glistening golden clouds of fluffy goodness. :)

Kathleen said...

LOL Becca, cos i mean if imho means the other, I'd still be crackalackin on it.

school me mamma.

no go copy and paste what you wrote on facebook, cos that was sexy hot n who knew the scrambling of eggs was sexy. got dam!

Kevin said...

Those eggs do look perfect!

Kathleen said...

If perfection means those eggs taste damn good Kev, I'll take that~! lol and they were.

How've you been? I gotta ask, you must do a lot of cooking! You're cranking stuff out almost every day. Has this led to any personal chef jobs? Would you even be interested in that?

I'm writing this whole thing and I don't even know if ur comin back to see if I did.


Becca said...

On the subject of scrambled eggs- I cook my eggs over medium heat. Using 2 wooden skewers, I stir slowly to get larger curds of golden sunshine. My dad always used toothpicks. Makes the curds too small imo. Lovingly curess the eggs as they begin to set, don't scramble into submission! But the butter was new to me. Fantastic. Another combo from K and B kitchens. :)

Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Kathleen, I cook mine almost exactly as you do. My people love my scrambled eggs. :)

I blend them with a fork too, no cream or milk (turns the eggs tough and watery), I don't salt them until cooked if I'm using salted butter.

I melt the butter over medium heat and cook them gently... I use the kind of pancake turner spatula you describe, or a silicone spatula to gently lift and turn as they begin to firm up on the bottom, then take them off the heat while they still look a little moist, because of carry-over cooking. I don't like them runny, just tender.

Eggs like to be treated gently, and yours look perfect to me. Fun post!!!


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