Friday, February 27, 2009

On The Subject of Thought

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Mississippi River 2008

An idea is a point of departure and no more.
As soon as you elaborate it, it becomes transformed by thought.

Pablo Picasso

Good Morning!

  • I have a new segment coming, I've been working on it for the past few months. 8 with Kate ....After dinner. I have my first guest, I have a few things to finish up in the way of the post. I think you all are going to enjoy this. I'll not say much more. I'm hoping to have it up by Sunday night. Look out you could be next.
  • I've slowly been catching up on all your blogs...happily so, you all are very gifted.
  • I just hung up on some 1-800 customer service person who called saying he could lower my interest rate on my visa/mastercard because I have been making payments on time, and my balance is over 3,000. I wonder if this was a stupid move on my part, but when he asked me for the credit card number, I said yehno. If you are calling me because you know I qualify, then you also should know my numbers. I wonder if this was a smart move on my part. He said the banks won't lower the rate they want to make money, and I'm thinking so who the hell are you? I think I'll just pay off the cards.
  • Hannah and I are going to cook today and I think go bowling. She makes my days golden. She does. I'm always happiest when she's here.

On that note.......she and I have cupcakes waiting for frosting.
Y'all have a great day!

: )


Vered - MomGrind said...

Re the credit card, I think it was a VERY smart move.

Kathleen said...


I'm nodding with ya. They call and say its my last chance to lower my interest rates.

Then they called again.

I wonder if I'll have another last chance three weeks from now.

I'll bet I do.

YahYah said...


LOVE cupcakes... as opposed to... love being CALLED cupcake. gggyyaawwwwd I want cupcakes now! LordAlmightyI'mEasy.

Wait. I don't mean "easy" easy. I mean.. I don't mean "eaasssyyyy" like "she's easy" cuz I'm not, I'm not easy at all, I ...

I like cupcakes! =:p

How's that for train-of-thought?

As for your credit card interest rate happening, I would think that if they're a legitimate agency they'd be able to send you something in writing so you could look over the details. I think you did the right thing, for sure.

I chopped up my credit cards back in ... 1999-ish and haven't looked back. (ok, for a while I was looking back ... and I may have cried a couple of times but - let's keep that last part on the low-down, k?)

Is it weird that we both live in states that start with "M" and our first names both begin with "K" and we're both air signs who drive Jeeps? Is that weird ...? or no... ... no, right? it's probably not... I was just thinkin' is all :p

Kathleen said...

You will forever be my cupkatcake!

it must be a sign. its got to be.
its like when things rhyme, it must be true.


Kathleen said...

okay I won't call you cupcake....

but I'll feed you cupcakes.


Anonymous said...

I lamented over whether to back cupcakes on Friday for a party on Saturday and opted for frosted sugar cookies with pretty pastel flower toppings. For some reason, tho, I still wanted to bake cupcakes.

Angry Brit said...

On the subject of thought...

I think too much.


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