Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Braised Ribs and Risotto

Just when I said to a coworker,
"I'm just not inspired to cook anymore."
Then I come across a recipe by Winepairings.
And I thought hey, my short person of 16 years
who is now taller than I might actually like this.
It involves no vegetables.

Well ...
the short person declined most of the plate.
Of course these days he opts for tv dinners if that's any consolation.
I on the other hand thought it was fantastic.
I modified Winepairings recipe a bit.
You'll see the recipe here as I cooked it.

this one is for you
when you're feeling well enough to eat.

Braised Pork Ribs



* 2 pounds country style pork ribs
* 1 tablespoon Kosher salt
* 5 cloves garlic
* approx. 32 ounces of dark ale
* 2/3 cup apple cider vinegar
* 2 tablespoons olive oil
* 1 tablespoon brown sugar
* 1 tablespoon molasses
* 1 tbs bbq sauce (Jack Daniels)
* 1 apple, cut into wedges
ground pepper, to taste


Crush a clove of garlic, rub the meat and then sprinkle each rib liberally with salt.
Turn the pan up to medium. Add Ribs, halfway through add the crushed garlic.
I added it after the sear because I didn't want the garlic to burn.

When you're done searing the ribs,
use about 1/2 cup of the ale to deglaze the skillet.
Once you've deglazed, add enough ale to cover the ribs,
and then add the vinegar, molasses and sugar. Stir together well.
Bring the it up to a simmer, reduce the heat to low, and let it cook for an hour.

As the ribs finish simmering, preheat the oven to 350.
When the ribs have cooked for an hour, add the bbq sauce and apple chunks.
Put ribs and liquid into the pot and the pot into the oven to heat for another 30 minutes.
I actually finished it off in the oven verses bringing it back to the skillet
(as suggested in the original recipe), and reducing the liquid there.
I had no problem with too much liquid, it reduced just fine in the oven for me.

I have no clue if the ale I used was dark. I think it was pale.
I went to the liquor store and laughed when I saw this six pack.

_MG_7212 (2)

Saffron Risotto

_MG_7301a (4)


1 cup sushi rice
28 ounces chicken stock
1 stick butter
1 cup white wine
1 small onion
1 large pinch saffron
3/4 cup grated Parmigiano Reggiano

Bring stock to a low simmer in a medium pot.
Heat olive oil and a couple tablespoons of butter
in a medium saucepan over medium heat for 1 minute.
Cook onion until translucent, about 3 minutes.
Add rice and a pinch of salt. Sauté until rice is translucent.
Add wine; bring to a simmer, stirring,
until rice has absorbed most of wine.
Add 2 ladles of stock to rice; simmer, stirring,
until rice has absorbed most of stock.
Take a couple ladles of chicken stock and add the saffron.
Make sure it well dissolves. Add this next to your rice.
Continue adding stock, allowing rice to absorb it before adding the next ladle.
Cook until rice is al dente and mixture is a little loose.
Stir in the rest of the butter. Turn off heat. Stir in grated cheese.
Cover and let sit 2 minutes.

Oh hey,
have a beer.
You deserve one
after making a meal like this.

_MG_7242 (2)

: )



Anonymous said...

Your short person will appreciate it in later years. My mom pretty much stopped cooking for me when I was 16/17 because I wouldn't eat what she made. I love the pairing of the ribs with the risotto. Was it osso bucco inspired?

La Table De Nana said...

We had Risotto too last night.I love it~We have never used Sushi rice..always arborio..I have sushi rice..I'll try it one day!
Your plating is perfect.
I enjoy a cold beer once in a while...sounds funny but I dd has your glasses..I like the round bottoms.. wine is very good and pretty in them also..

I have never seen that beer in my life.
I guess your DS felt like my DGS and the spinach leaves:)in my chicken soup.

The braised ribs sound great.The molasses..brown sugar.. mmm.

Kathleen Bade said...

Good Morning A.B. and Monique!

Ha A.B. no, although it might sound better if it was. The original recipe had paired it with a sweet potato polenta, I had neither heavy cream or a sweet potato and was too lazy to go up town to the store. HA!

As for the teen, just last night in a cranky voice he said you don't have to cook for me. I think I'll take him up on that. You're mom may have been on to something.

Monique, great minds yes? What kind of risotto did you make? I'm not an ale kind of girl if I drink a beer. Don't laugh, I'll drink what most folks call piss water beer, Michelob Ultra.

I like spinach. I like it a lot. : ))))

Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...

Kathleen, what beautiful photos. My 'meat' photos never look delicious, but yours do!

I really like the fact that this recipe uses pork ribs, rather than beef. Yum, and I've been craving risotto lately; I like the way you've paired the two here.

It's such a pleasure to come visit your blog! xo~m.

P.S. How fun, I'm going to have to source some of that Ale ~ I live right next to the ROGUE river! (You can see a little bit of the river in today's post.) :)

Kathleen Bade said...


Rogue River?! No kidding.
I'll be over to your page in just a few.

As I told A.B. the pairing happened out of sheer laziness on my part. But it worked.

As for my meat photos, any food photos really,
for the most part things look better than they taste. I'm not as good of a cook as the photos would lead you to believe. I just love what I do. Once a photographer, always a photographer.

vanillasugarblog said...

Ha! I have one of those short creatures living in my house too that only likes meals with no veggies. A challenge at best cooking for him! Oy!
Don't you just love sushi rice and how versatile it is? I am so loving this momma!

Kana said...

I just made saffron risotto with roasted butternut squash last night!

Kathleen Bade said...

It's amazing what lazy does for my life Dawn.
That's how I discovered sushi for risotto.
Was out of aborio, and didn't feel like going to the store.

As for the short person, I never thought
I'd say this...
I love him but girl, I'm counting the days.

Maya, that makes three of us getting our risotto on last night! Great minds, indeed!

Marysol said...

I'll take that beer now, but I'm mostly here for the ribs.
Looks so satisfying.

Anonymous said...

You know, people keep asking me when I plan to have kids. Based on this post, I think it's something I can push back. Waaaay back. :D

Kathleen Bade said...

Marysol, There's plenty, let me feed you!

Looks @ A.B. nods n smiles quietly, (whispers, I understand, I do)

Unknown said...

All of these look fab! I like pork - we have it almost as much as we have chicken, which is a lot.
They are going to keep me busy in the kitchen.

Kathleen Bade said...

Jeremy thnx!

this recipe is actually pretty good.
I don't know how well the rest of my
recipes fair, man I'm just here for the
photography, ha okay okay.......I'm also
here to eat!

thnx for stopping by and taking the time to comment~

Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more precise than elsewhere, thanks.

- Norman

Anonymous said...

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Dagmarette @ The Finishing School said...

yum yum! just brought back some saffron from Istanbul and I think this might be the perfect dish to use it in!

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