Thursday, February 19, 2009

Morning Coffee...

coffee cup 1

  • I wake up most days happy. I'm happy.
  • I think people who cannot let go of things or other people, cannot move forward.
  • I'm beginning to think they like being stuck.
  • I was thinking about doing a blog called Must Love Cooking and turning it into a personal ad for myself.
  • I don't understand people who eat steak in front of people who can only afford canned tuna and expect them to go yay for their material things. I'm not really talking about steak. Then again I've never been about material things. Making memories, that's what I'm about.
  • I have a slight crush on the guy in the commercial for, credit report
  • I laid in bed last night and for the first time in a long felt good to be home.
  • I am going to Spain in two weeks. I know how to self care. I just do it in a big way when I do, sometimes. More often than not self care is spending the day listening to good music and cooking what I like. . This trip I've earned. And these will be grand memories. Its the reunion tour. I can't wait to sit with them and talk about life, toilet paper and other things....again. And pictures there will be 3287564532 pictures.. Last time we all got together was in Florida, they're from England originally, now living in Spain.
  • I take photographs so I can remember my life.
  • I have a friend who does these lists short lists, sometimes long. I love her lists., they're one of my favorite reads. I did a list of 100 couple years ago, I stopped getting personal in my blogs, I don't know how you do these lists and not get personal. I deleted a few lines. I think I'm going to stick to taking pictures in the future. Speaking of which I have the day off, food I want to cook and photograph and a shower screaming my name.
  • I've come back to this at least five times, post post, to edit.

  • Y'all have a great morning...


YahYah said...

ohhh my gawd I get to comment! (that should be read as one continuously long word, btw)

I can't let go. I have strong holder-on'ers... it's my Taurus Rising. I don't fight it so much.

I think personal add-ing yourself is a cute way to go about things. Life's too short to be serious... do it up girlfriend! I also suggest taking pictures of really... meaty... things... most men love meat. Bacon's a good start, but steak'it t'death. *Real* men like steak, right? or am I wrong... I can't remember anymore ;)

Kathleen said...

I'm laughing.........god you always do that to me, leave me laughing wif ya.

go ahead write the ad for me.

why do you hold on, okay i get Taurus Rising.
I think, letting go is a hard thing to do for some. As I get older, it seems to get easier.

Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

I love it when you share your feelings & thoughts Kathleen ~ I find it difficult to do on my blog for some reason. *shrug*

Lucky you! Have fun in Spain.


P.S. A million years ago I had a boyfriend that looked like the guy on free credit

PPS. Love the mug and saucer (I'm not too materialistic, but I love dishes and kitchen stuff.) :)

Have a great day.

Kathleen said...

Oh Mari... I love your dishes...

and those of us who cook, love our cookbooks.

but you know what I mean without preaching...
its the small things. which aren't so small are they?

well....I haven't gone anywhere for a year, and its been a challenging one in some respects...I always said when my boy got older I'd travel.
Not a bucket list thing, but something I truly love, and yes I am lucky to have friends I can stay with and two jobs that will pay for it.

maybe blessed is a better word.

you know what Mari, we do it visually I think, the sharing of feelings. Photographs are more than just pictures. they're little auto biographies, one photograph at a time.


La Table De Nana said...

Love the subtle steam in the photo and all the words ..

When I went to Europe in September I took almost 4000 photos.. so ..I am not even close to what you will take :)but everyone nearly fell on the floor when I told them..No wait..they fell on the floor when I said I would show them:)

I agree that photos often do not need words to let us get to know the author more personally.
I can feel photos..I am certain many do.
Well I am certain you do.

Kathleen said...

Monique, 4,000 was close to what I took when I went to Europe a year and a half ago.

Some would argue that digital has made photographers lazy ones, technically.
Maybe so.

I'd say digital has given us freedom to shoot more.
The more you shoot the more you learn.

I simply cannot fathom why people are satisfied
with a roll of 24. You get my meaning I'm sure.

Let's just take NOT in my vocabulary.

: )

Angry Brit said...

*big hug* I love these kinds of lists. On the other hand, I love lists in general because I'm that kind of person. :( I'm excited for you that you're going to Spain. My grandparents used to go there every Winter when I was a kid.

Kathleen said...

man I love hugs!~ thank you ~

I'm pretty jazzed about it

: )

Kathleen said...

pssst....hugs right backatcha!

Pattie T. said...

I think that guy is a doll. I like him too. (blush)

La Table De Nana said...

Came by for Coffee Redux..I got so used to dropping by every day:) I hope you are somewhere having fun:)

Kathleen said... more work and that is NOT a complaint. Been pulling a few double shifts.

Might be able to crank something out today if there's a lull. I need to do some catch up reading around here sho.


La Table De Nana said...

Just checking up on you..After all..I did adopt you:)

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