Monday, February 16, 2009

Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and Spam

Yes I said it. Eggs and Spam.

Never thought I'd admit to liking it.
I eat bologna.
Spam can't be much worse for you.

It's come to grow on me over the past few months.
My son has taken a liking to it.
He eats fried Spam sandwiches.


So when I was up at Jim and Marie's for a post Christmas, Christmas,
I wasn't the least bit appalled when they pulled out that little tin can
and announced that we would be having Spam in our eggs.


Kind enough to share their kitchen J & M let me cook
the scrambled eggs my way. I have to give my mother full credit.
She has the perfect scramble.


I never understood eggs cooked in a scratched up no longer non stick pan,
eggs that stick to the bottom of the pan, eggs that are scrambled to the point of
some dried up state you'd think they were re-hydrated army food,
which would probably be better, I hear its good,
or eggs that are omlette'd then chopped, and offered up as scrambled.
I don't get it.


In my world, scrambled eggs should be soft, smooth, moist but not runny,
they should have rounded edges, they should be supple.....even creamy.
I'm getting carried away, I'm not a writer and this is what happens
when none of my writer friends are around to describe them for me,
and I'm desperately trying to find adjectives.
Why do you think I take pictures...


Now these might be a little more well done than I like. In fact quite often I get told my eggs are
underdone. I beg to differ, shall we ask the french how to cook eggs?




Whisk your eggs in the bowl. [ i always use a fork ]
Make sure they are well blended.
Add a few pinches of salt at the last minute.
Heat skillet on high.
Pour in eggs when butter is 3/4 of the way melted. [ don't burn the butter ]
Using spatula, [ the flat edged kind, sometimes called a pancake flipper ]
lift gently the eggs as they start to cook and gently fold working your way
around the pan, half way through, turn heat off,
if necessary pull pan off heat.
Continue to gently fold eggs.....for about half a minute. less really.
Remove from saute pan onto plate.
This whole process as you know goes super fast.

If you are adding Spam, you'll want to have separately cooked the diced
Spam in another saute pan. Fold Spam into eggs at the very last second
before you put them on your plate.

Go get your bacon and toast.

The Cooks Word:
Yes i am going to limit the number of eggs per pan.
I use the largest size pan possible, always.
However, given a medium size saute pan I will cook
no more than five at the most.

How much butter you're asking, per five eggs...
Sit down.
Almost half a stick.
Yes. That's what I said.
And if I cook six eggs its definitely half a stick.

The reason I use the largest saute pan possible is because I like
to have the room to move the eggs around without over scrambling.
And my eggs don't like to be crowded.
I know because they told me so.
Not in so many words but well, my mouth knows.

So now will yours.

: )

Kathleen, Marie and Jim


Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

Guess what! I like SPAM too, the kid you eat not get from the world wide web. We grew up with it, but I liked it best in Hawaii in fried rice. I recently had Spam musubi at a Hawaiian "fast food" joint. :)

Let me ask you, why you don't put milk or cream in your scrambled eggs? My favorite lately is soft scrambled eggs (with milk or cream if I have it), then add some chives and jack cheese at the end, serve on wheat toast. Mmmm.

OK, now I'm hungry. PS. Great photo of your friends, did you give them a copy? :)

Maya said...

When I was little, my dad used to make spam fingers. I would happily dip them in sweet chilli sauce.

La Table De Nana said...

Jim and Marie must love those photos..You are such a fabulously gifted artist! Their home is snow pretty too with the pickup under the blanket.
Delightful post.
Who says you're not a writer?

Kathleen said...

Rachelle,I don't know why but I always thought Spam was a novelty. Now it's all the rage, maybe it always was.

I don't put milk or cream in my eggs because I use so much butter, truth be told I probably use a little more than I listed in the recipe.
It's my one

Spam a sweet chilli sauce, that I would love the recipe for! Thnx Maya for coming by~

Monique I wrote this on Mari's wall, I'm waiting for you and she to open a romantic bed and breakfast, and or a restaurant so I can come visit and feel the love I see every day in both your pictures.

Speaking of photographs humbly I say thank you,
I just want to share the food,and a few pieces of my life. I've seen the food photos out there, lots of incredibly talented people.
I know my limitations. for sure.

Jerzee Tomato said...

I wish I could come live with you guys.

Jerzee Tomato,
Board Matron, Serious Eats

Kathleen said...

Jerzee Tomato........I dig ur nick.

bacon man........bacon n spam,I'm learning real fast, is what people like to eat.

gotta love it.

Angry Brit said...

I dislike Spam, but considering I have an unhealthy addiction to Top Ramen and Diet Coke, I have no room to talk. :)

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

Guess what I'm eating. =) Buttery goodness.

Jared said...

Very nice photos. I enjoy a spam and egg sandwich once in a while

Kathleen said...

Welcome back Jared.....

: )

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