Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pendleton's Trees

Yes this blog is for you and you alone.
It has taken me this long to find the right picture.
For months, I've waited to photograph these trees.
For weeks, I've waited for the snow to fall just right.
It didn't snow when I wanted it to.
Today I took the picture.
Today I thought about you.
Today I remember
what an integral
part of my growth you have been...
Thank you.
Before you say anything...
let me say this again,

thank you.

Pendleton's forest)

Silence, just the soft crush
of new snow under my snowshoe.
Nature drops its blanket of white.
The mountains sigh, the woods renew.

Silence, just hare and deer and I
to enjoy this first winters day.
God's blessings float down by the millions
in an intricate aerial ballet.

Silence, look up to the snow filled sky
and thank God in a clear deep voice.
A prayer of awe and thanks with eyes wide open
head thrown back in full rejoice.



La Table De Nana said...

I too look at nature with awe and full rejoice..
Thank you for this photo.It's magical.
I looked through all your albums..that I could.. every photo a treat.
From the geese to the bicycle in the leaves.

Kathleen said...
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Kathleen said...

post note:

the funny thing is,
I went to take the shot today,
it was snowing,
the big beautiful snowflakes.

When I got there it stopped.
I made it work as best I could.
On my way back home,
it started to snow again.

Kathleen said...

I have to thank him for the inspiration, he'd actually seen another photo that I didn't like
on a previous blog. It reminded him of his poem.

I thought his poem deserved better than some grab shot I took trying to show the snow storm we were in. And honestly that's all it was.

Monique thank you as well, you know I enjoy your images. Art, good art should be shared.
You do just that, share good art.

with awe and full rejoice.
I love that.

once in a blue moon... said...

your pics are all astounding.

Kathleen said...

Moon, I can only say this...

life is astounding...

and quite humbly I say thank you. truly.

nina said...

Oh dear God thank you for people like you who can capture these beautiful moments...awesome!

Kathleen said...

all the credit to the poet Pendleton, without his words, that picture would have never happened.

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