Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fusions and Illusions Chapter One


Written by Wilde Poet
Photography: Kathleen Bade

The Fusion

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge (Red Ribbon) is an orange liqueur from Paris, France.
It is a blend of cognac and orange essences that create a distinct orange flavor.
Generally it is imbibed neat, that's straight without ice for you heathens out there,
or it is used in some mixed drinks. You simply pour into a small cordial glass and enjoy.

grand marnier

The Illusion

No one knows exactly how the fire started, nor does it matter.
The red brick outside remained like an empty shell concealing the black
and cindered remains of the once beautiful building. But if one looked close,
the beauty remained, hidden under the soot and ash.

I sit on the floor staring at the remnants of the past looking far beyond
the now desolate surroundings. I open the bottle next to me and set it
on the remains of a burned out trunk. The orange scent of the
Grand Marnier fuses with the still, dry, smell of the smoke.

I fill my glass and begin to imagine the future.

A bar along the far wall will be stocked with as many of the spirits and liqueurs
that people could want. The dark mahogony of the bar would match the tables
and chairs throughout the open spaces. One side of the room a stage set for the jazz
performers and other musicians that I invite to my establishment. A dance floor
in front will invite those souls who wish to dance. It will be a place where people can
come to be with those they care about, to laugh and revel or perhaps to rendezvous
with a mysterious stranger that chance has guided here, all concealed by heavy smoke
of the patrons and soft shodowy lights. It will seem as if all time stops here.
Nothing else matters but what is happening between the four walls.
A place where broken hearts may be formed or mended, a place where
the dealings can be private or public, a place to disappear or be found.

My station will be where I sit now. My back to the wall in a corner table,
to survey the patrons and enjoy the drama that life will bring to my establishment,
perhaps I may influence fate if the feeling strikes me.

I finish my glass and place it back on the trunk. I am done here for now,
but soon the beauty that lies so hidden beneath the remains will once again
rise to the surface as does the scent of oranges and smoke.



once in a blue moon... said...

sounds like there is a change a coming~

Kathleen said...

that's my brother Joshy.

Just a little something new to add to this blog.
He's a writer, and well....thought if I posted
a few of these we'd done together a while back,
might prompt him to start typing again.

Angry Brit said...

That is truly beautiful. Haunting, evocative, and very atmospheric. I can see dust motes floating through sunlight in a smoky room. Tell Joshy that he needs to keep writing- or he'll have me to deal with. :) I don't care much for Grand Marnier, but I'll never say no to Limoncello.

La Table De Nana said...

I will enjoy this collaboration..Great idea..
I love Joshy's photo..AND the Grand Marnier.. they should see this..really:)

YahYah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
YahYah said...

:) This picture makes me think that tall, dark, and handsome older guys drink this... but only at the end of the day when they take off their ties, undo their annoying neck-button, and maybe put their feet up on the desk as they lean back in their way-too-expensive leather chair. They don't necessarily get lost in the comfort of the drink - but they do get lost in something... thought, or an unresolved verbal argument somewhere in the day, or in the week. Who knows.. all I know is this... this drink is for fine hot older guys who make y'say "daaaaammmmmm" when you see'emm relaxing. =:D And good gosh Kate, YAY for *that*! ahahaah =:D

The Wabbit said...

Grand Marnier, vodka, cranberry and lime... a good Cosmopolitan is born.

Kathleen said...

Oh Wabbit, we'll be doing that....

I'm so happy you all are digging this new little series.....mostly I'm happy for Joshy, he' appreciate the feedback. He will.

Get your imagination going...that's wot I like.

so I'll thank you for him.....thank you.

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