Wednesday, February 25, 2009

George's Sausage Gravy and Biscuits


I have some serious catching up to do on all of your blogs.
And I will.

Worked some incredible hours, survived a cold in the middle of all of it.
I have a 24 hour reprieve before I work again. So I'd best make the most
of tonight, and tomorrow day before I dive back in.

What is it about getting older, that all those physical fears are so heightened?
I know, I know, our mortality is much closer to the hand than the fifteen year old
mindset of nothing can hurt or stop me. One sneeze, one wrong blink and we're
over the edge of the cliff so to speak.

A simple cold. Literally could not breathe thru my nose for three days.
Do you know how quietly discombobulating this was for me? I hated it.
This silent but ever present awareness of not being able to breathe,
god forbid I eat something, and well no air during chew or swallow.
I didn't eat much.
I'm not prone to panic attacks. I doubt I ever will be, but...
I will say this, I don't like colds anymore for a whole different reason than just being sick.

Moving on to George...

Of George and Catie,
are long time and close friends of mine who
have been absolutely wonderfully generous with their support
(I have to say I have had great support from all fronts and friends/family)
while I deal with a few things on the home front. (Yes A.B. hold off on that
child bearing thing for a while.) A big congratulations to these two...
They are getting remarried! Hurray for the second time around....
I think there's a song out there called the second time around,
no I know there is, I'm singing it in my head. Who remembers it?
My love to you both~!

During a recent visit George made the best biscuits
and sausage gravy I have ever eaten.
He was kind enough to allow me to share it with you
and yes it includes a secret to the "how to", that is
George's and George's alone, until now.
Sharing is caring right?

George's Sausage Gravy and Biscuits



3 packets McCormick's sausage flavor Country Gravy
5 cups milk
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 pound breakfast sausage
1 pound ground sausage
2 packages of biscuits,
I used Grand, butter flavored flaky.
(yes I cheated)


In heavy bottomed pan or dutch oven, cook all sausage,
breaking it down into small pieces.
Drain. Set aside.

In the same pot, add milk, cream and all three packets.
Add cooked sausage. Stir as it thickens.

While your sauce is thickening
Bake your biscuits,
if you're really hungry it will
be the longest 12 minutes of your life.

Continue to stir as you break down the sausage.
Now here's the kicker, pull out one of those immersion blenders.
And use that to grind down the sausage, leaving some chunky pieces.
I swear to you this will add so much flavor from the sausage
to your gravy.

Add more milk as needed if your sauce thickens too much.
That's it.

That's all she wrote.


I realize there's no graceful way to photograph sausage gravy
without it looking like......
I've done my best.

Wishing you all a great weekend.
One Love. One Peace. Always and All Ways~

: )


La Table De Nana said...

Those biscuits are out of a package? Amazing:) I've never had this type of meal.. you make it look appetizing:)and easy!
My Caroline has the cold you had..Not good.
Poor you..

We went to see Slumdog Millionaire yesterday and I said "are you crying or is it your cold"? Both.
Have you seen it?
I loved the movie.

The photo of the 3 of you is so neat Kate..

Isn't the song something like "love is lovelier the second time around"?
I'll Google..

Thanks for the post:)

Kathleen said...

Monique I haven't seen the movie yet....I think I just might as soon as this cold passes, sounds like its a tear jerker.

You've got Sinatra on the brain and I'm thinking I googled too.

I'll be over to your page today dear girl, I promise. I have some time before I work tonight.

p.s. I hope your Caroline feels better (now I've got Neil Diamond in my head...sweet

Dawn said...

We love to eat this stuff for breakfast (as a treat). of course to make it a real breakfast we put a sunny side egg on top.

Kathleen said...

OH DAWN.......that would be good! ffs why didn't I think of it? !

YahYah said...

Kate-O-Kate... who needs a nose anyway? Pff I hear if your nose doesn't work so good you can drag air through your eyeballs. That's what I heard anyway. If anything, it's at least something to think about. :p

I love gravy. I miss it pretty ... lots. I read about a vegetarian gravy this one time way back 2 Thanksgivings ago, but I'm thinking it didn't work out so well because I haven't made it since. Hrmmm... maybe that's a weekend project...

Homemade biscuits are delish. :) The ones in the picture look picture perfect, almost too good to eat.

I worry about ya kid... you're stressed, you need some hippie-luvin'-yoga-music... the kind with no words? The kind you wanna burn incense to (even if you can't smell it because you're nose is all plugged up).

Be Good You


Kathleen said...

I'll be okay eye breathin believer hippie yoga lover girl with the good incense!

I'm gonna go burn some patuli okay?

she calls me kid. old soul young body. ha.


Happy Jack said...

yum! i always thought of biscuits and gravy as one of those ugly-yet-oh-so-delicious dishes (as so many comfort foods are), but yours are beautiful!

Kathleen said...

H.J. I just went to your blog.

Happy indeed. you feed well!

and thank you. : )

Angry Brit said...

Hold off on child-bearing- duly noted. :) I'm sorry you've been sick. Ginger tea with honey and lots of soup. I'll send it virtually because I'm pretty sure that Fed-Ex will spill it. Feel better soon. xx

Kathleen said...

HAHAHA is what I did when I read the Fed-Ex will spill it.

and well on my way to that A.B.

I can breathe today. YAY

don't hold me to my notes A.B. you sound very nurturing. Children need what you got. : )

Angry Brit said...

You know, you are single-handedly ruining my reputation with comments like that... :)

Kathleen said...

I am.

Shame on me.


Kevin said...

That biscuit and gravy dish looks really tasty!

Cynthia said...

That is some seriously scrumptious gravy. I love that it has a bit of color! Many biscuit/gravy dishes I've ordered out here come with the gravy in a pasty, hospital-white. I would eat this plate in a heartbeat and probably lick the plate clean.

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