Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fusions and Illusions Chapter Two


Written by Wilde Poet
Photography: Kathleen Bade

The Fusion

martini 1

Ahh the Martini.
Is there any other drink that conjures up images of refinement and class?

Start with gin.
Some of you out there may be thinking vodka...
but that would be wrong. A martini is made with gin.
The type of gin is entirely up to you, I prefer Bombay Sapphire.

How dry you make your martini is up to you.
The drier a martini the less vermouth it has in it.
I like mine extra dry.

Pour some vermouth in a martini glass as roll the glass
so that the vermouth coats the sides, then discard the rest.

Add chilled gin and garnish with an olive and you have a dry martini.
If you like your martini less dry a mixture of 6parts gin and 1 part vermouth
seems to work well in a shaker. Add ice, shake, strain and enjoy.


The Illusion

The lady waked in the room and sat at the bar. She commanded a presence that few could equal.
She wore a long black dress that showed her figure without revealing to much. It was an elegance
that was truly a part of her, not simply a facade. She ordered a martini and leaned on her elbows,
the pale powdered look of her arms accented greatly by the deep mahogany of the bar. The martini
she ordered was in front of her and she ran one slender finger around the rim before bringing it to her lips.

A man who had too much to drink appeared at her side and began to talk to her much louder
than was needed. He did not take the subtle cues that so many others had picked up on. She was not
in the mood for companionship. When the man bought her another drink and she turned it away
he became agitated and sulked away. She sat quietly listening to the Miles Davis song coming from
the stage her foot swaying gently. She sat staring at her drink not speaking a quiet loneliness
that was her own. She wanted and needed nothing but the music and the cool martini in front of her.

I sat, my feet propped up on the chair next to me, my own leaning back against the wall. I smoked
one of my rare cigarettes and watched through the blue smoke. No one else approached her,
no one talked to her, no one seemed to even notice her, the same as she did not notice them.
She took no heed in what they thought or what they did, she lived in a time of her own much like myself,
while I took a fascination in watching the peope who came and went I held no stock in their thoughts.
I felt a connection of separation to this lady who sat sipping her martini.

She sat there for hours and I did the same. Neither one of us were approached save for when
the martini ran dry, never a word spoken, never an influence felt. When the time came for her
to take the world of her mind elsewhere she rose. I motioned to the bartender and he understood,
he took no money from her but offered no explanation. The woman scanned the room and saw me
in the shadows of my corner.

A simple smile said thank you and she departed as elegantly as she had arrived,
leaving an impression on very few, save one.


Hayley said...

Firstly, I myself like Tanqueray. Secondly, LOVING that shot of the martini glass in front of the fire. Thirdly, Joshy's writing is beautiful and highly evocative, as always.

La Table De Nana said...

I love that story..A random act of kindness and understanding.
I hope the story is true.
I love to believe.
GREAT pics..great prose.
A true story though.
I just know it.

once in a blue moon... said...

i enjoy your guest speaker coupled with a cocktail shot~ takes me waaaaaaaaaaay back~

Wilde Poet said...

First of all, I have to say thank you to Kathleen for posting my work.

I won't say it is a true story, but I can't say it isn't.

I have more stories and ideas in my head, the fact that people seem to like them leads me to believe that they may find their way out.


La Table De Nana said...

I loved catching it again on FG:)Simply Stunning~

WP..I hope t's true~

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