Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On the Subject of Being

This ...
was written for me by someone I keep near to my heart.

To Be Without Apology


Why does the hurricane storm?
It blows and rips the very sea
It rages beyond control
Its outer shell tempered in the wind
It moves all in its path
Pushing and pulling, not to be subdued
Being just to be.


You are the hurricane
strong beyond measure.
Flares of emotion as gusts of wind
Not controlled by the whims of others
You move those in your path
Far beyond their imagined place in life
Taking them with you on your journey
Being just to be.


Why does the hurricane rest?
In the center of it is peace,
Calm and glassy surfaces reign
Surrounded by the mists it shines
An eye that sees beyond dark clouds
Solitude in the tempest
Being just to be


You are the hurricane
You have the tranquil pools
surrounded by the violence and action
A core of harmony to be shared
Those that brave the storm
May chance to glimpse your sunshine
Being just to be


Why is the hurricane perfect?
It makes no excuses for what it is
It holds no anger in its wind
No hatred to direct its action
No more or less can be expected
No superficial pretense
Being just to be


You are the hurricane
You hold no malice in  your heart
No justifications needed for injuries inflicted
You act not as an aggressor
But as a natural being
Your nature is to be yourself
Not to be changed, beaten or compromised
The simplistic beauty of embracing who you are
Without apology, or need of one
Being just to be.

Oregon 2009

written by J. Anderson

It comes at a time when ...
I choose to say only that ...

you know I just get through things.
I don't think about who I am in it all.
I just do what I do.
I dig my heels in, face and embrace head on
the challenges with which I am presented.

Sometimes for a fleeting moment,
you get the opportunity to see yourself
through eyes other than your own, and it's mind blowing.
what they see is so much more than you ever dream of giving yourself credit for.

No ...
it's humbling.
it's humbling because you weren't trying to be bigger than yourself.
you were just being you.

thank you with all of my heart.
I needed this extra gust of wind ...


the hurricane reference... lol...
someone gifted me the nickname Hurricane Kate years and years ago.
Good or bad, it stuck. I happen to like it, apparently I'm not alone.

and clearly I've never photographed a hurricane,
I hope these pictures do your words justice.

One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.


Becca said...

This is beautiful. The photos are perfection. Well done darling.

Romina Garcia said...

Wow, I have tears in my eyes reading this.
Really, really, beautiful x

Christina Lucas said...

Beautiful writing and photos!
Thanks for stopping by The Blog Entourage. I'm following. Please join us on FB where you can promote your own posts!

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

It is was such a gift to fine it waiting for me to read.

Christina I already have!

Debra said...

Kathleen, seeing yourself through the eyes of another is astounding.

These photos do the words justice. In fact, they complement each other perfectly.

There couldn’t be a better analogy for “to be without apology” than a hurricane! Love the mantra, “being just to be.”

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

Debra, it certainly can be.

Thank you, I always like my images to tell the story ...

this time my best friend did.
very good mantra he came up with, I'll agree with you on that one, I love it too.

thank you as always for taking the time to read and comment.

Infinite peace~

YogaSavy said...

Absolutely beautiful. Your beauty shines through not just through the words but the pictures as well.
Special words for a special lady

snippets of thyme said...

These photos are amazing! I am so impressed with the photography (and the dishes too). Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet note.

Suzcape said...

This was so beautiful. First time reading your blog. Truly enjoyed the discovery
My daughter is going thru some internal turmoil - and this so describes her also. I wold love to copy and send to her with author name credited. It may also give her wind beneath her wings

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

you may as long as it is copied as written with name credits (author (Joshua Anderson and photographer myself; Kathleen Bade. ) or send her this link.

I have a feeling her best wind ...

is you.

My best thoughts energy and prayers being sent your and her way.

Peace and Blessings~

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