Sunday, February 6, 2011

Horses, Boots, and Rescue

cowboy bootsF

the words below are not mine,
but they damn sure fit like an old pair of  boots.
which I happen to love.

"Having balance is not letting anyone love you less then you love yourself."
"I am not one to live a "normal" life...
Everything's an adventure...
Everything's gonna be go big or go home...
My every move is made to better the world...
I need something more then just to breathe...
All I want, is for true happiness...
I try everyday to do something to better this world..
Its all part of my charm...."

 I made reference to animal cruelty in a recent post.
There are good people out there.
The person who wrote this is one of them,
and  in the animal rescue business.  


 Animal Rescue Unit

A.R.U is an organization dedicated to revealing 
the truth about animal suffering all over the world. 
We investigate, rehabilitate, educate and legislate for animal welfare. 
Our goal is to expose the hidden horrors that animals face 
in several different industries from commercial farming, fur trades, 
horse slaughter, back yard neglect, auctions and slaughter farms. 
We are made up of a group of people stationed all over the country 
for the utmost efficiency in our investigations and campaigns.  

If you would like to help out
or read about what they do please


One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.


La Table De Nana said...

I agree from what I have come to know of you that little poem is like a great old comfy beautiful pair of boots for you..
Animal cruelty.. child cruelty.. spousal cruelty..any cruelty..So so sad.
Kindness ..

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

: )

I have been thinking "to" you ...

good things.


Mary said...

Being a previous horse owner of almost 50 years, it is appalling to think of the cruelty that goes on with animals alone. I can't imagine anyone that owns a horse to be cruel to them, although I do know it happens. Bless this organization for the good deeds they are doing:)

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

I know. I can't wrap my head around that kind of cruelty, and what kind of people they must be to do the things they do.

Mary there are some radical activists out there who do not fully check out the situation and just grab horses they think are abused.

This group is the real deal. Yeh, props to them.

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