Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Gratitude...

I don't know if this picture fits the quote I'm going to use.
This is one of the chipmunks who regularly visits me at the lake.
In between the rain this week I've gone out there just to sit.
Listen to the birds, make friends with the little visitors who
come for seed.  I saw a rose breasted grosbeak the other day.
That made me smile.

It's the small  things we do that make a difference.
It's the small things that mean the most.

this is a small thing...
to pray for strength and healing.
It requires not much effort,
it asks only for sincerity.

That is what I'm doing tonight.
It seems lately, 
too many people I know
have a loved one fighting to live,
and family members fighting for them to live.

My words are small but my prayer for you is big. 

My brother Joshy said something that resonated with me.

"Thank you to all those 
whose deeds and words come from a place 
of sincerity and unselfishness."

that's gratitude at it's best.


Be faithful in small things that is where your strength lies.

~Mother Theresa

One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways. 


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