Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life ....

has been busy. 

I keep trying to find my way back to blog world
and every time I turn around I am sidetracked by
one thing or another.  But it's all good stuff.

Let me start with her...

She's tenacious.


About a month ago we found her on the nest.
Sadly enough when we went back after a very
stormy weekend of rain and high winds her nest
was empty.

I happened t to go fishing in our favorite place the other day.
Looked over my shoulder and thought I saw her sitting.

Sure enough, there she was. She'd come back to try again.
Nest built higher this time.
She was ready for whatever winds came her way.
Sometimes we have to go back and take care of things
the right way before we can move forward.

She seems to know us.  Hannah was with me,
we sat for an hour and she never fussed.  An eagle
flew over and then she started to call for her mate.

I'm smiling because I have a pretty good idea when
those babies are going to hatch...

timing is everything.

One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.


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