Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Best Moments #1

Best moments this weekend:

I called a girlfriend of mine last night whom I haven't talked to in months.
While I was waiting for the beep to leave a message on her cell phone.
She calls me. She had already started dialing before my call came through
which is why it went to voice mail. I love moments like this.

Walking with Hannah, Mississippi 084a

Hiking with Hannah.
Cuddling with Hannah.
Laughing with Hannah.
Looking at Hannah and knowing
what she wants me to say....

and well, Hannah giving me that look
waiting to hear it time after time...

"You and Me together..."
she can't quite say together but she
can say house, or movies, or roooooollerskating...
you get the drift, so she always finishes the sentence

Walking with Hannah, Mississippi 097a

I can't imagine my life without her.
I can't imagine........

Walking with Hannah, Mississippi 148A

the joy she brings is indescribable.

I had someone try my butter sauce recipe with halibut...
she loved it. that made my day.

I indulged in a two inch thick T-bone tonight.
Let me say the word incredible and mean it.

Walking with Hannah, Mississippi 064a

One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.


La Table De Nana said...

Can you believe I have no words?
I do.. but they involve me..and my little ones..
So I know why you know I have no words.

Becca said...

I have to agree with the above statements.

No words.


Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

I'm smiling...

we don't have to talk.
passes each of you a bubble wand.

let's blow bubbles instead,
cos we already know.

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