Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Would Like to Thank Delta...

for bumping me twice this last trip.
They profusely apologized with 2 flight vouchers,
hotel, meal and cab vouchers.
I want to give props to the
reservation people who helped in the process
of finding replacement flights.
Their patience was unwavering.

How does

New Years Eve 


New York City Times Square

I'd also like to thank my NYC music buddy 
 who got the tickets 
to the concert on NYE in Times Square.
that's right, where the big ball drops at midnight.

You want good music... 
check out 

All the Christmas decorations,
ice skating in Central Park and Rockafeller Center,
great restaurants, while I'm in the neighborhood,
Boston, Philly, Poconos mountains,
Jersey Shore, hook up with Snookie...
(lol I stole it strait out)
um the list goes on...

Lately all it's been for me ...
hit the ground running.
Seems to be the thing to do right now.
My dad would, if he could.
All he wants to be able to do is go back to work.

So yeh. 
trip of a life time is what it sounds like to me.
especially when it's free.

I think I'll wait to decide where to go with
the second flight voucher...

in more ways than one. 

One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways. 


La Table De Nana said...

How lovely!!What a nice company..Hope your dad gets his wish too:)

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