Thursday, August 20, 2009

Willa Mae's First Cooking Video


I'd like to introduce you all to Willa Mae Johnson.
A year ago a friend at the time had done a video blog,
suggested that the rest of us girls done, in that we
should feel comfortable with ourselves enough to do so.
I couldn't help but run with it...and so voila Willa Mae
was created.

You'll be seeing a lot more of her. She does love to cook
and has a very unique style. ha. I hope you all will welcome
her to the world of foodies with open arms.

In Willa Mae's own words:

Howdy ya'll, Willa Mae hear. In case ya'll ain't herd I'm a lookin' fer me a new man and I's a talkin to Ma and she said ta me...Willa Mae girl iffen yews really want yerself a man thens you needa be able to feed him real good like. Ma said my speshaltee fried spam and corn flake sammiches wasn't gonna land me a man. So here's whut I done. I gots myself up real early like this mornin, barred my Pa's best gun and headed out in ta da woods. It won't long, befur I seen the biggest possum I's ever come across and let me tells yew I's come cross plenty possum. Usually just hits em wit ma truck and jump out and throw em in the back to make stew the next day. So imma crouched down in the bushes watchin that thar possum then I's noticed it won't no possum it was a dang blame pole cat but by then the Old Milwaukees I'd drunk fer breakfast had kicked in and I's needed to cop me a squat so I just went and shot that ole pole cat. After I's done with my bizness I went and got my pole cat and headed back home to skinner up. And wooooooooo doggies did that feller have one heck of a smeller but I'm perfumed up right nice like now, Ma says it'll wear off befer bath time next week. I took my pole cat and deesided to cook me up a casserole, thats fancy cookin. I puts that feller in the pan, tossed in some onyuns and some right nice dandylines and ramps I dug up out in the yard. Ma sed casseroles have a toppin so I put some apple butter my great granny made befur she died 12 years ago and then added some of ma signature corn flakes, I's like corn flakes. Then I's bakes it up fer a few ours till it was smelln beter than the outhouse in July! So I sat it on the table with some Old Milwaukee and yer never gonna guess who came a knockin on ma door sayin he smelled sumpin reall good like and was hankerin fer sum grub! It was Billy Bob Joe Tom Frank Jr. the third that drives the pig manure truck. (I an't never telled nobody but I's think hes mighty perty) So, thets all imma gonna tell you fer now. I's will write more later iffen you really want to know whut happens next. Butt fer now this is Willa Mae sayin' bye ya'll and please watch mah videao on how tew make fryd spam and cornflake sandwiches.



Scrub pigs' feet. Rinse. Put in pan and cover with cold water. Bring to a boil. Pour off water. Add salted, boiling water. You should add salt to your taste. Cover and simmer until tender, about 3 hours. Drain and plunge into cold water. Put them into a jar. Cover with hot, white distilled vinegar if desired. They can also be pickled by soaking in a bath of water in which 2 sliced green peppers, 2 sliced onions, 6 peppercorns and 1 teaspoon of salt have been boiled for 10 minutes, and to which the juice of 3 lemons has been added. Let feet remain in desired bath for at least 2 days before eating. The longer they sit refrigerated, the better they taste.

For the desired spices try 6 to 10 peppercorns, 2 bay leaves some pickling spices and 1 or 2 red peppers, depending on your taste. I also suggest you try a few pigs' feet at a time until the desired flavor is reached.

Garnish pigs feet with chopped Clausen Dill Pickles.

Fried Spam and Cornflake Sandwich


1 small can spam
Kellogs Corn flakes
Soft white bread

Thinly slice spam.
Cook in saute pan until lightly browned.
Put mayo on bread slices, as well as spam.
Add corn flakes and put sandwich together.

(it is actually pretty good)

Can also be cooked like a grilled cheese sandwich,
and well better not burnt! ha.



: )


Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

Howdy Willa Mae! Nice to see you around the blogs!

food with style said...

a star is born!

or was that a black whole?!

food with style said...

opps i went to school with willa mae, thats "hole"...

La Table De Nana said...

Willa..It took me twice to have time to see it all! We had the boys:) Oh Willa.. I must send you along to my girls:) You know even in that get-up..your eyes are beautiful!
I hope someone spots you and you become famous..How brave and funny of you..I think I may have had a few moments like that in my 30's:)

You are one of a kind~!

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

Ah sher dew appreesheeate y'all tekin the tyme tew commint.

thenk yew.

Hayley said...

LMAO. I love, love, LOVE the fun and irreverence that you have given this project. You a genius.

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