Sunday, August 2, 2009

Did you really think I'd forget?

There are certain people who when they enter your life
change it in ways you could never have imagined.


I've put writing this blog off because ...
because I don't have the words, not the right ones
to tell her how much she means to me.
I've sat here for the better part of the morning,
writing, deleting, writing more, backspacing....
basically stumbling over every syllable, every vowel and consonant
trying to pay homage to this woman who is one of my most
treasured friends on her birthday. Delete the word friend.
She's family.

Is it a cop out to just post pictures of us. maybe.
All of them, all of the words seem inadequate.


Mostly I sit here in tears, grateful for her presence in my life.
I love her with all my heart.

Happy Birthday


La Table De Nana said...

What a nice tribute~ :) I love all the photos..What great memories..Love the effects too.
You know I would love to know more:)

Sandie Lee said...

Darlin', for some reason when I pulled up your blog, WOT has it shielded with an overlay stating that "This site has a poor reputation." I'm lookin' into it, but so far, can't figure out why. Normally, blogs take on the rating of the blogging service [aka Blogspot], or at least that's what I thought. I'll keep researching when I get back. Dropping him off at limo at 6. Britt might come over and ride with me [or drive if I can get her to], and hopefully spend a little time with her mom. She's always so busy these days. I miss her terribly!!

Thank you so much for the beautiful words and the beauty found in your not being able to find the words that would be 'enough'. The photos ... some of them I don't much care for, but knowin' that you do allows me to understand and appreciate this entry.

I love you too ... to eternity and back again ... unconditionally ... forever! There is nothing on this earth that can sever our bond. Nothing. Ever.

once in a blue moon... said...

you did her a great service, the tribute could not be more perfect~

suchs a treat to see your bond so tangible...

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