Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dancing, Old friends, Good Music

Okay bud, here's your dance picture. Call it an early happy birthday present. : )
I know I couldn't wait.


some of you know my brother has been taking dance classes.
Many of you know I LOVE to dance. I grew up dancing.
Spent some years running to Duluth Dances and classes
5 nights a week getting ready for competition. I miss it.

so does my body. : )

We were so excited to find a poster that offered dance classes
by a very experienced couple. Unfortunately for us,
but fortunately for them, a new job opportunity
will be taking them to Alabama at the end of the month.

Last night Joshy n I got our giggle on and decided to copy their poster pose.
laughing here. I know. right?

well we had fun trying. 12 shots later, we got something workable.
I'm not the best background remover and the dang ceiling lamp cut off our hands.
But yanno not half bad for a kitchen grab shot using the self timer.

The Eagles had a kick ass band last night,
got to see old friends of mine,
Joshy n I danced all night. Great time, a really really great time.

these pics are a few years old, from Craig and Kasandra's wedding.

As soon as I get sent the video I'll post the band for you,
Craig has an incredible voice. That's not an exaggeration.
Was good to reconnect with he and Kasandra, and a few others.
We all go way back.....good memories. definitely.


I need to be a better friend and pick up the phone every once in a while.

: )


food with style said...

i just love the glimpses into your life... you have such great friends, fun and fab pics, you capture joy so well~

La Table De Nana said...

The best people pics ever.
Look at you two.. and them 2..:) You do have great friends..You are rich.I would not even be able to count if you did pick up the phone more often:)

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

aw girls....

i think its the only kind of rich I'll ever know.
Its the only kind of rich that counts for anything I reckon.

lol would too!

Hayley said...

I love the pic. of you and Josh. How do you get that light effect?

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