Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Crabs...I mean Crab Legs

Everybody does Sunday chicken, Sunday this, Sunday that...
Its Saturday and we're eatin crab legs, me n brother Joshy n Hannah.
I'm sitting here writing this post, I look out the window
and I see them. The missionaries. Now I appreciate their
efforts. I do. This winter on the coldest day of the year, with the
wind chill it was -60 fahrenheit here they were spreading the
Good message. I told them I was good in my faith, without defining
my faith. They kindly left some pamphlets.
Today I'm have tempted to play some porn loudly if they knock on my door.
Yes the window by the door is open.

No one interrupts my crab leg eatin.
Not even messengers of God.



6 lbs Snow Crab Legs
Wine, trust your own judgement,
1 cup is plenty (sweet or dry, doesn't matter)
I happened to have some moscato today.
1 cup of sugar.
One big pot of water
A ton of butter, melted

I know those of you who are big on the Old Bay seasoning are cringing.
Go ahead.
More for me to eat.
I've used this method for years,
and it works.



Bring water to a boil.
Add wine and sugar
Add crab legs
Let sit until the crab is heated through.
No need to boil them, they're already cooked
and frozen.

The reason I add the wine and sugar, is that the crab legs
that are frozen often times run salty. No I don't live on the coast.
Fresh crab legs are a dream for those of us in northern Minnesota.
Anyway, this method seems to cut the salt and well snow crab legs
should be sweet.

And they are. Perfection.

My father dips his crab in cocktail sauce.
Its good. But I'm a butter baby. Mas butter is better.
So yes those little bowls are about to be filled with
melted oh so glorious butter.


Werd from the cook:
If you have cooked a gluttonous amount,
and plan to go back later and eat more...
Pull ALL the crab legs out of the water.
What are left to sit in in the pot will get water logged.
You can always put the extra back
in the hot water for a quick reheat.


Wilde Poet said...

Extremely tasty. Nuff said.

La Table De Nana said...

Que c'est beau c'est beau la vie~ W/ Crab legs your way~
Next time for sure..
When was it -60? I get the ton of butter not the - 60:)Do you live next door to me?:)

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

You're welcome Joshy, glad u liked 'em.

I love when you speak french to me Nana. C'est bon!
I majored in it in high school, you give me
reason to relearn it.

Ha, no I don't, but I think I'd like
living next door to you!

La Table De Nana said...

I can tell I talk way more than Joshy:)I need to minimize .:)

Wilde Poet said...

You said more than I did, but I can get going sometimes as well. Its not bad to say a lot, especially if it is good, and it was good.

La Table De Nana said...

:) Thanks..I feel better now:)

pixen said...

I love crabs, flower crabs, mangrove crabs, blue crabs (err..but not robber crab or horseshoe crab ( I love this one). It can be steamed, fried, curry, soup and I tasted Drunken Crabs. The cook used Shaoxing Wine and sometimes those 35 % drinking wine like Mei Kwei Lu (Le meiguilujiu). The crabs were fed with the wine... intoxicated them for sometime. Then the whole crabs were steamed at very high temperature or stir-fry quickly with ginger & spring onions. Once I saw it been eaten drunk... :-|

Between Old Bay and your version, I preferred yours! :-)

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

Pixen I'm with you all the way.

The crabs were fed wine?! How divine...
perhaps they passed out before they were steamed, at any rate at least they had a good time in their last hours. ha.

Hey......btw, nice to meet you!

Hayley said...

Save me a leg, would you? I love crab. And I have no problem with the Old Bay. But no butter for me.

"No one interrupts my crab leg eatin'. Not even messengers of God." If I ever write a book, I want this quote on the title page of the seafood chapter.

Anonymous said...

found you

i sent this recipe to my dad and he made it tonite

WORST CRABS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

Hey can't win em all......

I'm really sorry the recipe didn't work out for you. truly.

Wilde Poet said...

I suppose the recipe would not be for everyone, not every recipe is, but I know they were damn good when I ate them.

Perhaps the crabs were bad? The pot too small? I dunno.

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