Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I hear you.....

Oregon 2009 Sea Lion

Ha okay it hasn't been a roar...
more like a few grumblings like hey miss your blogs, man thnx for that.
It's always good to be missed even by a few.

I can't say blogging is like exercising, but it
is an exercise in writing. I think I'm going to do
just that. A ramble for old time's sake.
Only a few of you who read this might remember
the days when this girl posted more than a photo
and a quote, or a recipe.

Oregon. I went to Oregon.
I posted pics over on facebook.
I blew my laptop monitor out.
I usually sit in the mornings or at night
and crank out a photo blog.
That answers your question, so why
the hell haven't you blogged them here.
Oregon was great. Ranks right up there
with my NYC trip. Freakin outstanding.
I will do an Oregon blog.
I now have a new laptop.

I've also been working on a new website.
Its prefab but I like it. I organized 324878753
photo files. Now I can't find the photos I want.
Go figure.

I can't figure out my no sleep thing n its starting to kick
my butt by the middle of the week.
On weekends I'm usually to bed by midnight.
Up at the latest by 8. Okay I'm awake around six or seven,
but having the luxury of getting up just a little later I'm not
about to waste. So during the week I work 7 am - 3pm.
I try to wind down around nine. Crash out by eleven.
I'm up until two. Best rem sleep is hitting after 4am.
I gotta kick this. Any suggestions.
I know more physical activity.
Will do, the knee is getting better every day
and this week I am brace free. Skittish in step
maybe but pushing thru, gotta heal.

It's raining lightly on and off today.
I can smell spring.
I like that I can smell spring.
I like it a lot.

People are so predictable and yet they never cease to amaze me.

I didn't get a Mac.
I'm not a Mac hater.
I'm just unMac.
I couldn't commit.
Of course had I gone Mac, I'd have
chosen the newest MacBook Pro and a lofty
little price of 2499.
I'm rolling with a Toshiba this
time around instead of a Dell.
I'm not a Dell hater.
Dell's been very good to me.
Apparently that makes me a minority.
24 hours in, I'm obviously
honeymooning this new toy.

We've called off the Grand Tetons road trip,
brother Joshy and I. Neither of us are thrilled
to have I-94 thru the Dakotas be the mainstay of
driving time. We'll hold out until we can take a few weeks
and do the drive to northern California, and on down the coast.
INSTEAD, we are going to my favorite place at the end of the month.
North Shore bound we are for the Blue Fin.
They have a three for two night special.

So work my ass off until then I will.
Speaking of work for the first time in over four years,
I will have weekends off. What do people do on weekends?
I don't care. I need to have a social life. It's time.
My peeps are off on weekends. I want to jump back
into shooting weddings. Weddings happen on weekends.
I'm going to happen on weekends.

Speaking of social life...I got plans to make. : )
Y'all have a good week.

Life is good.


La Table De Nana said...

I HAVE missed you..I didn't want to be a nagging mother:)or seem to be prying..
I have you on my Following list and know as soon as you post and I run over:) Here I am from work.
I am sorry about your laptop..happy for your new one..
Love the top pic:)
My laptop's a Toshiba.. since many years..never a problem..:)

It's got dual citizenship by now I am sure:)

I don't sleep well either..oy..

Weekends off..I must admit for at least 20 I worked almost every Sunday..I don't as much anymore and am happy about that.
I adore smelling Spring.It makes me as happy as Mary Engelbreight.
So nice to hear from you!

Becca said...

FANTASTIC to see you again my sweet! Weekends. Ah, a luxury you will come to love. They oft go by too quickly though. I have faith that you will find plenty to fill them with. Perhaps, some cooking with a good friend or two... ;)

Hayley said...

Yay! You're back! Great photo of the sea lion. I've always felt that they make great photo subjects. I miss weekends. All the jobs I've ever had have been scheduled in such a way that I always work weekends and never have regular days off. There's a certain calm that comes with the weekend routine and I rather miss it.

Dawn said...

now that's a good photo.
sometimes I feel like expressing myself that way

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

Nana, Becca, Hayley, and Dawn...

thank you for welcoming me back~!
I never intended to blog for anyone else
myself, certainly not the masses, but
I can't tell you how heartwarming it is
to have a handful of people I am coming to
know who make this place feel a bit like home.

you do that for me.


The Wabbit said...

Thought you might be in Oregon.

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

WB! Hey if you ever make it up to Humboldt in No. Ca let me know! I'm from there and can tell you, the Redwoods are a must see! Oregon is great too. Hit me up on facebook, if you like! :)

La Table De Nana said...

Can you still hear us?

I miss reading you:(~

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