Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunrise on Lake Superior...

I couldn't wait to show you five am here on the north shore.


We're drinking mini Dr. Peppers, check out is noon.
Listening to some Amos Lee.
For once we're not trying to cram a lot in a short amount of time.
I don't think we've ever left at check out, we've always left early.
Seagulls are outside making "we're hungry" noises, we got nothing for them.
They're really hungry judging by the sounds of it.
I almost feel bad.
They count on being fed by the guests here.
I think this morning its just us.

As Kat says....we b chillaxin.


Beautiful day...beautiful beautiful day.

I think I'm gonna shower, Joshy's going to get a fire going...
windows wide open so we can hear the waves and the gulls
yes we're popping in a movie, one we always seem to watch when
we're up here. Which one you ask.......ah P.S. I Love You.

Oh wow, that's right I leave for Oregon next week.
April travel has been berry berry good for and to me.

man y'all have a really great day~

: )


YahYah said...

ohhh mannnn you said "chillaxin"... Maine... now there's a place to chillax, I suppose. We'll talk, f'sho

The Wabbit said...

Oregon? I'm jealous. I wanted to go there and had a vacation all lined up and then had to cancel.. oh well... I'll get there.

Hayley said...

What beautiful colours. I am a total night-owl, so sunrise and I have barely a nodding acquaintance. It just looks so serene and so peaceful!

La Table De Nana said...

PS I love You is a nice little movie:)

I envy this little trip of yours..and I love Maine..
Tu as une belle vie:)

Wilde Poet said...

There is little to say that can not be heard through the photos on here.

Stress seems to be hidden for a while in a place such as this, serenity and escape are superb ways to refresh and relax for a time (especially when you have the right person to escape with, and I did on this adventure).

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