Monday, April 13, 2009

I got no clue....

Who wants to help?
The surprise trip.
Below has been typical of our conversations this week.
This was tonight's.

Too bad so sad Joshy a girl's gotta do
what a girl's gotta do
to get the 411.

COS I'M GOING NUTS! (in a good way)

I got NOTHIN I tell ya!

Joshy and Kate live convo tonight:

Joshua Anderson: hey there
Kathleen Bade: hey sorry i missed you !
Joshua Anderson: no problem
Kathleen Bade: wasup?
Joshua Anderson: my vacation time was approved so we are good to go
Kathleen Bade: yay!
Joshua Anderson: yep
Kathleen Bade: two more sleeps
Joshua Anderson: exactly right
Kathleen Bade: i get one question per day right?
Joshua Anderson: sure. providing that question isnt where are we going
Kathleen Bade: lol
Kathleen Bade: are we going up to the north shore?
Joshua Anderson: nope
Kathleen Bade: that's truth?
Joshua Anderson: yep
Kathleen Bade: i figured we weren't but i had to rule it out
Joshua Anderson: yeah
Kathleen Bade: however that doesn't rule out duluth
Joshua Anderson: i got clues for you
Kathleen Bade: really?
Joshua Anderson: yep
Kathleen Bade: bring em
Kathleen Bade: i'm ready
Joshua Anderson: baseball
Joshua Anderson: south
Joshua Anderson: relatives
Joshua Anderson: iowa
Joshua Anderson: do you know what all these things have in common?
Kathleen Bade: not yet
Joshua Anderson: i will tell you
Kathleen Bade: good
Joshua Anderson: they have nothing to do with where we are going
Joshua Anderson: that is what they have in common
Kathleen Bade: oh mah gad.
Joshua Anderson: lol
Kathleen Bade: you brat
Joshua Anderson: sorry
Joshua Anderson: i know how much you love baseball
Kathleen Bade: lol
Joshua Anderson: and staying with my relatives would be a blast... not to mention iowa is just, well... its iowa
Kathleen Bade: i kinda figured it was a not
Joshua Anderson: yeah
Joshua Anderson: but it is not south... that is sort of a clue
Joshua Anderson: at least rules out a few things
Kathleen Bade: is duluth south?
Kathleen Bade: of us yes it is
Joshua Anderson: technically perhaps but I would classify that as east
Kathleen Bade: so it doesn't rule out duluth
Joshua Anderson: bemidji may be south or north, but i call it west
Joshua Anderson: duluth is not a rule out
Kathleen Bade: if it weren't duluth you'd give it to me because i'd for sure have no clue where we were going.
Joshua Anderson: wherever it is, twill be fun
Kathleen Bade: HA!
Kathleen Bade: HA! HA! HA!
Joshua Anderson: dont yell at me
Joshua Anderson: typing in all caps
Joshua Anderson: whats so funny?
Kathleen Bade: ITS DULUTH!
Joshua Anderson: you think so?
Kathleen Bade: like i said if it weren't you'd have said so, because then i'd be totally confused.
Kathleen Bade: and duluth does have sushi and you said that was an option
Joshua Anderson: or maybe i want to keep you off track?
Joshua Anderson: think about it
Kathleen Bade: it is near the border of the state
Joshua Anderson: u think u so smart
Kathleen Bade: ffs sushi is probably an option if we make it
Kathleen Bade: you probably did that clue on purpose
Kathleen Bade: the sushi one
Kathleen Bade: to trip me up
Joshua Anderson: mayhaps i did, mayhaps i didnt
Kathleen Bade: i'm thinking
Joshua Anderson: what are you thinking?
Kathleen Bade: no clue
Kathleen Bade: hahahahha
Joshua Anderson: i have been there many times
Joshua Anderson: i will be coming into town tomorrow, alright if i stop in still?
Kathleen Bade: maybe we are going to grand forks
Joshua Anderson: always an exciting town
Kathleen Bade: or theif river falls
Kathleen Bade: i know nothing about it
Kathleen Bade: Ely?
Joshua Anderson: are you just picking towns that are not south?
Kathleen Bade: yes
Kathleen Bade: hahahah
Joshua Anderson: lol
Kathleen Bade: yes
Joshua Anderson: that could take a while, besides you have used your question of the day
Joshua Anderson: you only have one more
Kathleen Bade: tomorrow yes i know
Joshua Anderson: and perhaps i have lied about it all and we are going to the cities
Joshua Anderson: ahahahahahaahah
Kathleen Bade: you promised that answer was truth.
Joshua Anderson: i did, and it was
Kathleen Bade: could be just north of the cities.
Kathleen Bade: not necessarily not south of here.
Joshua Anderson: i suppose it could... but i am not quite that technical
Joshua Anderson: lol
Joshua Anderson: i got ya thinking now
Kathleen Bade: yes but still lost.
Joshua Anderson: ooh... just thought of a clue
Kathleen Bade: do tell
Joshua Anderson: you figure out where we are going before we get there and without me telling you
Kathleen Bade: that's not a clue
Joshua Anderson: if you think really really hard on the trip
Kathleen Bade: you already told me that
Joshua Anderson: did i?
Kathleen Bade: yes, you said you knew exactly where on the road i'd figure it out
Joshua Anderson: my bad, really didnt mean to repeat
Joshua Anderson: sorry
Joshua Anderson: and here i thought i had a good one
Joshua Anderson: dammit
Kathleen Bade: nope
Joshua Anderson: well i am just useless at the clue thing arent i
Kathleen Bade: pretty much
Joshua Anderson: it happes
Joshua Anderson: happens
Kathleen Bade: you have me totally kernfused.
Joshua Anderson: good
Joshua Anderson: im confused too so dont feel bad
Kathleen Bade: no you aren't. you know where we are going.
Joshua Anderson: i suppose i do
Kathleen Bade: I really don't have a clue do i
Joshua Anderson: your piecing together a fair deal considering the horrible clues i give
Kathleen Bade: Thanks bud, for even this part of it....I needed the distraction as much as you needed a roadtrip.
Joshua Anderson: you are most welcome, i am glad you were free to go, and to play this little game
Kathleen Bade: Okay.......shower time for me, and need to make my lunch for tomorrow. You have a good night Joshy.
Joshua Anderson: you too, will talk to you tomorrow

now it can't be too too far, because we leave wed as soon as joshy gets off work.
that would be five thirty-ish and we come back thursday night.


: )


The Wabbit said...

Reminds me VERY much of conversations I used to have with a VERY dear friend. Have fun, wherever you are going!

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

oooh sounds fun! I would have NO clue either, but can't wait to find out. We have to wait until you get back, huh, to find out. sigh

Wilde Poet said...

Since I am driving her nuts I better tell. We are going to...


I think not.

It can be as far as I am willing to drive after work.

Its gonna be fun no matter what, I will see to that.

Sorry to all you Iowans out there, but lets face it... unless you like looking at cornfields...

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

hahaha brother oh brother I'm lovin every minute of it!

Girls, I'll be sure to keep you posted...

he said to bring my laptop so hopefully you won't have to wait that long. : )

Hayley said...

I love that picture of you. I hope you have a great, fantabulous time.

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