Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Spain

I'm quiet this morning.
Not much to say today.
Thought it might be a good opportunity
to post more pictures from Spain.

In no particular order.......

Spain March 2009 394a

Spain March 2009 617a

Spain March 2009 428a

Spain March 2009 331a

Spain March 2009 493a
I don't know who he was but I regret not walking up and just kissing that man.

Spain March 2009 389a

Spain March 2009 417a


Cathy said...

Wonderul photos, Kathleen. Thanks for sharing. Love the photo of those beautiful hands and the glass of wine.

La Table De Nana said...

I like all the photos but the most for me is the aged wine w/ the aged hands:) A Fine Pair!!!

You cracked me up w/ the kissing the man:)

Did you chat too much while away? That's why you are quiet?
That's ok..the photos speak always.

Wilde Poet said...

I am partial to the first one. Everyday life, people moving along and doing what they do.

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