Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For the Love of Joe ...


One of the best things about traveling so many
people consider the worst.  Having to sit next
to someone you don't know, suffer thru small talk
while really you'd like nothing better than to rest
your head against the window, yes window seat, score!
You booked that window seat so you could do just that. sleep.
You might even try to fake sleep while the plane loads
in order to avoid the dreaded conversation however it
doesn't quite work as adjustments need to be made,
things put away and before you know it you've exchanged
hello's and so it begins ...

What you didn't know was that a woman would
sit next to you with her husband to her left and tell
you the most incredible story about love, afterlife and
finding love again,  so incredible it would bring you to tears.

You shared your story.  As the two of you spoke,
you realized the reason you were sitting next to each other...

it was undeniable.

And in the end you were glad you wore your
cowboy hat, the one she noticed when she sat
down next to you and told you it reminded her
of home . That made you smile and feel warm.
Because you did, you asked her where that was
and the moment she answered you knew
the universe had so divinely placed you next
to this person, her story was the very one
you needed to hear and yours was a gift to her.

Each of you were a gift to the other.

: )

One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.


Becca said...

This makes me smile. A lot.

just jan said...

I so know that feeling and also know the joy of being so pleasantly surprised by what can develop. It seems to happen when I am the most run down. What a great life charger these encounters are.

fernando-alejandro said...

Everything IS for a reason yes. The Universe gives when we need it the most..


La Table De Nana said...

I love love love moments like that:)

They stay with me forever.
And I love you in that hat.

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