Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bathroom Wall Literature 101

I find it interesting ...
the things people write on bathroom walls.
Of course I photograph it.
More often than not it's offensive.
Sometimes it's quite moving.
This borders on offensive.
I won't apologize for it.
I photograph the world I see.
Not always what we see is kind.
I saw a video on You Tube yesterday.
It slayed me.
A woman throwing defenseless puppies into a river.
To kill them.
there are more videos like this.
more people like this.
it sickens me.

Maybe that makes this photograph
a little easier to swallow for
those of you who take offense to her verbage.

I want a click here button to make
horrific acts like that never happen again.
Even better a click here button to
make it so all horrific acts of violence
to people, to animals,
are something we know nothing of,
because they never happened
and never will.


"... just goes to show that some of the brightest moments in our lives start with crap!"
[Suzanne from FB commenting on this pic] 

One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.


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