Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One the Subject of Love...

Love isn't an earned thing
yet only the ones worthy enough to you are loved by you.
Love isn't because of the way he/she looks, talks, acts
but is because of how they make you feel.
Love begets no fear, no jealousy, no haste;
it is good and timeless.

Love shouldn't be taken for granted
but given freely regardless of age,
gender, religion, or ethnicity.

Love is neither a noun,
verb, or descriptive in any way;
 it just is.

Without it,
there is no beginning yet with it,
there is no end.

Love is just something we have, we do, we are...

Love is trust;
unequivicable trust.


Trust in that you can be you and they can be themselves
and there is no judgement or fear of being wrong.

Love is free but comes at a price of committment,
patience, acceptance, and trust.

Lose any of that
and you lose the one thing
that took so long to culminate.

Love is the most beautiful thing ever to be created;
to include life itself.
It is borne from a mothers womb,
a father's first vision of his child,
someone you met and
feel like you would die without them...

Love is, it just is...

~Shawn Randleman~

you give this to me. 
I'm humbled and blessed by it. 
To you I give the same. 

One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.


Barb said...

I enjoyed this Shawn.

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