Tuesday, July 26, 2011

His Great Hope ...


There He was, alone amidst the sweeping waves and stormy Seas of life.
His soul tossing and turning, regretting past mistakes, missed opportunities, and failure.
The Dark Clouds of the abyssmal Sea looked bleak.
He was destined, for sure, to die slowly as He sunk below the water.
It was coming, He knew. The skies were getting darker as the time went by.
He succumbed to the notion of His own demise. He had nothing.
Then, She came....

Right before His eyes, the sky parted in a majestical scene.
A ray of warm sunshine beamed down on His face and gave Him warmth.
It was an odd feeling, having spent what seemed like an eternity
in the cold vastness of an empty abyss. The feeling was queer.
It was a feeling He hadn't felt in a long time, so long that He wanted to be afraid,
wanted to find a dark spot. He got used to the dark. It shielded Him for so long
from the light of his past transgresions. In this light that was blessing Him,
He wondered what to do. What was happening and why was it happening;
He just couldn't understand.

The light had a name. It was Hope. Hope was just there; having always been there.
She was merely blocked out by the Dark Clouds that He had inherited from destiny.
Hope had come in a time where He didn't believe She even existed.
The ilk of the Dark Clouds in His life had tainted Him into believing
that all there was in life was Them. For the Dark Clouds had seared His eyes
with apparent dillusions of the notion that They were all that were there.
Aye those Dark Clouds, with Their overt sense of self-import, tricked Him
into believing that what They were was of the paramount. Hope challenged that.
The Dark Clouds were only a small part of the Sea.
They had Their importance and fuction in life that was equal to all other things great and small.
Hope let Him know that He was important, too.

He was mesmerized by this. Could She be so daft as to think
that He was of any consequence to anyone or anything? Had She not known
that it was in the Kharma that He was to be but a bit of floating debris drifting
in the sea like the waste of a passing ship that was jettisoned overboard,
lest it become a burden to someone?

Had She not been told that His job in life had but one course;
to serve His purpose and be set aside until next time? He HAD served His purpose.
He had done it as best as He could. Apparently, Hope knew nothing of this.
She must not have known about what a failure He had been,
that tool that just didn't quite measure up. He was broken,
like an over-torqued wrench, a bent nail, a bolt stripped of it's fine threads.
Did She not see that He wasn't to be fixed? Not to be saved?
What was Her blindness to the truth? Hadn't the Omniscient Dark Cloud informed Her,
taught Her, or guided Her to the knowing that this is how it was?

Hope saw all. Hope knew all. She was, after all, Hope...
Hope shone on His face and gave a warmth that He was starting to accept.
She was showing Him all the scenery that the Sea had to offer.
He started to take a liken to Her. Hope was there. As long as the Dark Clouds stayed away,
She would be there. Upon their approach, She would then slip back away, He thought.
They were coming again, those Dark Clouds, full of despariaging remarks and subversive mood.
He would be, once again, alone to deal with Them. She would become a memory.
He knew She had a jouney of Her own. For She had a path Herself She'd travel.
He thought it was a one way journey.

But Hope had something in store for Him...
Hope DID have a journey in store. The Great Celestial Being
had created Her to take a journey. To cast light on the faces of others near and afar.
To give them the same strength that He had seen and felt.
She was to envelope the Seas of the other side of the Earth
with that same beauty and sunshine that had been exposed to His.
She had a darker test to complete herself. One in which He wanted
Her to be victorious. She HAD to come back to Him. He needed Her so bad.
The Seas seemed more beautiful when She was around.
Despite the waves that enveloped Him oft times, His only desire was to see
Her when He resurfaced. Hope was all that brought Him fighting
to get to the surface for surely He would've never came up again had
She not been there. He thanked the Great Being for presenting Her to Him at all,
the least of which during His peril. Had He met His fate, He would take solace in
knowing that She even existed. What's more, the Great Being blessed Him with
Her presence at all. For He now knew, He HAD done something right
in His meek existance to accord such a beautiful payback.

But then There was Hope...
Hope was in Her Journey. She had a dark side She had to traverse.
It was of great risk;of great uncertainty. She wanted to see Him.
Among all the waves, He was someone She could appreciate.
He looked at Her and made Her feel wanted, special. It made Her shine brightly
as She spread Her rays of Hope to all who came into view.
She DID want to see Him again, right? She WAS sure?
Would He be there when She returned. Or would Her struggle to success
and subsequent return to His last vestage be for naught? She struggled to come
back and the tought of seeing Him gave Her strength. He gave Her the push
needed to speed around to Him and where She last left Him.

But there was He...
Hope came around the Horizon. He revelled at the sight of Her,
the Hope that He knew. The Dark Clouds and what the mere thought
of what They had done to Him had disappeared. Those sundering waves had subsided.
The Land was in sight. He smiled. He smiled like he had never smiled before.
For He knew....

He knew He had been given...HOPE

Written by S. Rendleman


One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.


La Table De Nana said...

That's about the best gift anyone can get HOPE.. Sometimes..it's hard to see it..He was lucky she shone right on him:)

It can happen to anyone...and it usually does.
Beautiful..Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen HOPE is what it's all about, along with patience!


Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

It certainly is Sarah ...

realistic hope.

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